Alluring Custom Printed Popcorn Boxes to Attract Customers

Alluring Custom Printed Popcorn Boxes to Attract Customers

Popcorn is a majorly popular snack.Children and grown-ups both love popcorns and carry these popcorn boxes with them on numerous occasions. These boxes are a well known and major part for theater experiences, sports matches or shows, and even live theaters. Popcorn boxes with printed alluring characters and catchphrases make the consumers energized for the occasion. This is why many companies choose these custom printed popcorn boxes to enhance their sale and gain revenue.

Modified Characteristics of These Custom Boxes

Nowadays in the food industry, there are billions of products of the same kind with a different company logo on it, which means there is a lot of competition. To sell your product and market it in a way that consumers buy your product.It is said that your product sells out quickly with decorative and appealing packaging and better revenue as compared to normal packaging products. This custom boxes strategy has proven to be beneficial for many companies by generating major success.
1. Shape: The size can be altered from the basic shapes to any geometric shape to any 3D shape you would like to have your product as.
2. Size: you can get these popcorn boxes in any size and design possible.
3. Material: Materials involved in making these boxes include Ecological packaging, Cardboard, or Recyclable and biodegradable boxes.
4. Lamination: Matte laminations, glossy laminations, UV matte laminations, UV gloss laminations, UV resistant laminations.
5. The Coatings: the coating option is the aqueous coating, embossing, and die-cut window.
6. Color: Can be chosen from 1000 different colors from the Pantone model. The color can be used. Plainly or in mixed proportions according to the instructions given by the client.
7. Paper stocks: 10pt, 12pt up to 28pt which is 60lb to 400lb, eco-friendly, kraft, e-flute corrugated. While the box board and cardstock is also a choice.
8. Add ons: You can add foil on these boxes to make them more unique and new for the customers.

Cost-Efficient Yet Precise Marketing Tool

These refined and alluring custom printed popcorn boxes will simplify the selling process for your company and enhance your brand’s image in the market. These boxes are not only eye-catching but are also very cost-efficient.With these boxes, the product looks beautiful with vibrant colors and famous characters on it, characters like marvel ironman will help to catch a small age group audience to buy your product. These boxes also have the company’s logo and in forming printed on it from the day the product was manufactured and when its expiry date is, which also matters a lot. Not only that, these boxes and recyclable and eco friendly

Gain Reliance with These Informational Boxes

With custom printed popcorn boxes, the company gives off the perception of quality, not only these boxes help to market your brand name, with the companies name, logo, and vivid colors. These boxes also provide information about the product inside. As popcorn comes in many flavors such as salty, spicy, cheesy, or even sweet flavors like caramel, the custom boxes have all the facts about how the flavor used on the popcorn, it natural or artificial. Due to which your company will have a relationship of reliance with the consumers.

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