Choosing The Right Trailer Concrete Pump in Dubai

Choosing The Right Trailer Concrete Pump in Dubai

Are you currently searching for a trailer concrete pump? Would you like to receive the best bang for your buck? Do you wish to get a trailer concrete pump with long service life? There are many of different kinds of these appliances available in the market at various price points but it really doesn’t mean that one could go out there and get your hands on the first pump you locate.

Not all the machine is identical and choosing the right one depends a good deal on your requirements as well as specifications of the machine and standing of the company. This is a list of a few of the important parameters you should consider to be able to opt for the proper trailer concrete pump to suit your needs.

Renting or Buying

Your things to consider for picking a concrete pump varies if you are renting one as an alternative to buying. When you are renting a pump for the one-time use, you can choose almost anyone pump that is sufficient for your project requirements but should you be purchasing one, you should research harder. What is important you will need to bear in mind is not all the the concrete pumps are capable of handling different types of concrete mix. If you are planning to use it for several projects, you will need to use different types of concrete mix and thus, this is the most important thing you want to be aware of.


A vital parameter you need to have a look at will be the output rate of your pump. This info should be mentioned inside the specifications of the concrete pump in Dubai. It can be typically mentioned in cubic yards an hour and the specifications may also mention horizontal as well as vertical pumping distances.

Will not make the mistake of selecting a pump that features a much higher pumping capacity than you need. A pump which is too powerful is not really helpful for cement-based overlays. Similarly, more number of people are needed for handing an increased output rate. If you don’t really require high output, your will just freeze precious capital and therefore extra capacity will be wasted. Several of the models provide variable control and that means you can readily adjust the output for the job.

Types of Valves

Different types of valves are utilized by manufacturers for these particular pumps. While a number of the companies make use of a generic valve system and that means you can simply find off-the-shelf replacements but some of the models use a unique kind of valve system that is only accessible from your manufacturer. In simple terms, you are locked in and will need to buy spares and accessories through the manufacturer. Carefully look at the valves and make sure you are content with it before you sign around the dotted line.

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One of the most overlooked aspects may be the maintenance requirement in the concrete pump. Take into account that there are numerous of moving components in a trailer concrete pump and you have got to do constant maintenance to keep the pump running. Therefore, it is better to inquire about other buyers from the model you are considering for additional information about its maintenance requirements.

Overall, these are the important things you need to keep in mind to obtain the ideal value for your money when buying a trailer concrete pump.

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