Guide to Buy & Mount a Floor Power Strip

Guide to Buy & Mount a Floor Power Strip

Power strips are a beneficial electric device that is essential in almost any home. The lack of an electrical output nearby when you want to connect your electrical appliance at some places in your house can be a frustrating experience.

It may not be possible to construct a house with power outputs at every corner. Power strips can aid you by providing an extendable point of supply to power your appliance at any point in your house.

Your backyard and garage may not have a power outlet or may not be having a sufficient number of power outlets. Power strips generally have several output points on an electrical board, allowing you to connect multiple devices to it simultaneously.

It is crucial to safeguard the safety of your family and your house by having appropriate knowledge of floor power strips before even purchasing them. This article will serve as a guide to you for buying and mounting a floor power strip without being a safety hazard.

Guide to Buy & Mount a Floor Power Strip

Buying A Floor Power Strip

1. Consider Your Use Of The Power Strip

Before purchasing a power strip, you need to consider the purpose of purchasing the power strip and the environment of its usage. If you need to connect the power-hungry gadgets or devices, or you need to connect multiple devices simultaneously, then a higher capacity power strip should fit your requirements.

Power Strip

If you are connecting multiple devices that only utilize a nominal amount of power, then a power strip with a lower rating will be sufficient. You will also need to take into account the environment in which you want to use the power strip.

If you intend to use the power strip in an outdoor environment such as your backyard or your garage, you need to purchase an outdoor power strip for that purpose. You must buy a power strip with a weather protection jacket over the wires to protect from the extremities of sunlight and moisture.

Even if you are not using the power strip outdoors, you need water protection if you are using the power strip anywhere near water or the excessive presence of moisture. The insulation jacket of ordinary power strips are not entirely water-resistant and can lead to malfunctioning and electrocution.

2. Number Of Outlets

Number Of OutletsPower strips are available in a plethora of sizes and shapes, and the number of power outlets that arrive with a power strip also varies with the model. Take into account the number of electrical appliances or devices that you will be simultaneously connecting with the power strip.

Ensure that the power strip you intend to buy has the specified number of power outlets or higher than the quantity you require so that you can be on the safe side. Check that the outlets have sufficient spacing between them to allow connecting the larger plugs simultaneously.

3. Length Of The Cord

The next thing you need to consider before purchasing a power strip is the length of the cord. Ensure that the cord on the power strip has sufficient length to power the electrical devices that you place at a distance away from the nearest power outlet.

Length Of The CordHowever, a greater length of the cord may mean a higher voltage drop during transmission which can become a problem while connecting devices that use considerable power. Longer cords also increase the risk of someone accidentally tripping over the wire while walking.

4. On/Off Switch And USB Outlet

On/off switches for individual outlets allow you to turn off the outlets when not in use. The switches can promote safety by helping to avoid accidental electrocution, which is a necessity if you have pets or children in your house.

USB outlets are attractive features that can be useful for directly connecting your USB cable to the power strip. The USB outlets are convenient for charging your smartphone or your portable speaker without the need of an adapter.

Mounting A Floor Power Strip

The obvious recommendation is to mount a floor power strip on the floor only instead of a wall or table. However, it may be a better option to keep your power strip on a small stand that will keep the power strip a few inches off the floor, especially if you have wooden flooring.

The reason for keeping the floor power strip on a stand is to avoid overheating by continually being in contact with wooden flooring. The position may also prevent tripping over the wires or accidentally stepping on the power strip due to the greater visibility.


Power strips allow the distribution of AC from the wall outlet to your electrical devices and appliances. Several types of power strips exist in the market, and floor power strips are among the popular varieties. You can consider using a power strip, which has a high power-rating, making it extremely safe to connect multiple devices on it.

However, power strips can become a safety hazard, which can cause considerable damage to your home and the health of your family members. Improper use of power strips such as overloading the strip can lead to dangerous circumstances to arise.

Overloading a power strip can lead to the melting of the insulation over the wire, leading to a fire or a family member getting an electrical shock. The reports of fire resulting from power strips are also increasing at an alarming rate due to improper usage.

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