Have You Checked Out From a Hotel Realizing It’s Not What You Were Promised? Here Are Some Important Tips For Choosing Good Hotels
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Have You Checked Out From a Hotel Realizing It’s Not What You Were Promised? Here Are Some Important Tips For Choosing Good Hotels

Have You Checked Out From a Hotel Realizing It’s Not What You Were Promised? Here Are Some Important Tips For Choosing Good Hotels

The excitement that everyone has on hearing the word holiday is natural, no one in the world would want to avoid going on a holiday. But we all know it is not as easy as it sounds. Finding the right kind of hotel stay is a very difficult task these days, thanks to the latest technologies, all the pictures on the sites make you fall in love with the property. The reality is what you get when you reach the location on the ground. The stress, dissatisfaction, and frustration that one feels if you don’t find the place as expected is something you remember for the rest of your life like the memories of that holiday. So here we are to give you some valuable tips on choosing the right kind of hotel for a perfect holiday

1. You need to list down your priorities

It may sound a bit weird to you but making a list of all your preferences really helps to figure out a nice place for your stay unless you choose the perfection and beauty of Java Rain Resort Chikmagalur. Things like complimentary breakfast, especially clean bathrooms, a place with a romantic or a party vibe, best interior décor in town, or just a cozy old-fashioned one, you can just pen down the things you and your partner like and then prioritize them. To make things simple, first, you should finalize the amount you want to splurge on your vacation, and later choose the location and the amenities you prefer. Once you have a clear idea about the things you definitely need on your holiday, you can check the reviews and speak to the providers to find the perfect place for your stay.

2. You should know about the important facilities

Before you visit your holiday destination, there are four important basic facilities, without which your stay in any hotel is not possible, double-check to make sure you have them covered. They are parking, Wi-Fi, breakfast in the morning, and AC. You surely do not want to stay in a hotel which charges you for wi-fi, it is shocking but yes, many hotels do that. So, before you confirm your stay check out the following:

  • Hotel sites might list facilities like parking and breakfast without mentioning the price. Make sure to clear your doubts, if the price is not mentioned it does not mean it’s free.
  • If the description about the room does not include AC, it might not be provided to you or is available only in selected rooms, please clear before you finalize your stay.
  • The hotel advertises that they have parking available, but in most cases, it is not available on the premises and is hired from a third party. Do make sure you check beforehand
  • Double-check everything with the front office staff before booking, and if you are booking online, select the correct options before you tick, for complimentary amenities

3. Do call the hotel and speak even if you book online

Even if you book your stay online, it is advisable to confirm your reservations with the staff on phone. Certain facilities are available online, but are under renovation or not available at that point or certain changes in the policies are not updated.

4. Do try and take out the time to check your hotel on the Map

Please do check and determine the exact location of your hotel on the map before traveling, location is the most important part of your travel. The main tourist attractions should be close to you, for you to reach in time and enjoy visiting them. You surely do not want to travel long hours amid heavy traffic to visit your site, when you are hardly left with any time or energy to enjoy the view. Many hotels write that the attractions are very close to their hotel, but at times what they really mean is taking a metro or a cab to visit the place. You should have accurate details about everything you plan to visit, so that you do not skip anything.

5. Do ask about the latest renovations done

Yes, it may sound a bit awkward to you but asking the details about the latest renovations makes it clear that you will get updated clean and beautiful rooms. Many hotels put up pictures that are of the time when the hotel was built or they are made to look attractive. You do not want to visit the premises, which has broken or yellow tiles, wallpapers coming out, or mattresses that are saggy n old. Checking in advance is the best bet.

6. Try to read the latest updated reviews by the customers

You must check the reviews that have been posted recently. A lot of changes can happen within a couple of years as well, like a change of staff, ownership, décor, etc, you might be in for a shock if you believe the reviews that were posted a couple of years back. So be sure to read the reviews updated recently.

7. Understanding the kind of clientele

If you can crack it you are mostly sorted, customer is usually drawn to their kind of hotels, travelers on a budget, backpackers, couples, business travelers, young group of friends, families, etc. Before you book your stay try to find out what kind of people mostly visit the place. You can decide your stay as per the reviews.

When you are going out for a holiday, you want to relax, break the monotony of your everyday life and be in a positive environment. A good hotel adds to it and a bad one can spoil your entire trip. So, you have to choose your destination wisely, online you have a lot of places to choose from but the perfection and beauty of Java Rain Resort Chikmagalur are sure to impress you. Wishing you a fabulous holiday.

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