How To Make A Swimming Pool Eco-Friendly & Energy-Saving?
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How To Make A Swimming Pool Eco-Friendly & Energy-Saving?

How To Make A Swimming Pool Eco-Friendly & Energy-Saving?

Building a pool is not just a fun thing. It is a more responsible task that requires in depth research. There are many direct and indirect impacts your swimming pool may have on the environment and energy bills. Hence, it is important to reconsider your design if you haven’t started working on it. Even if you already have a pool, there is nothing to be worried about. You can make a few changes and notice significant improvement. It is never too late, isn’t it?

How To Do This?

There are many ways you can follow to save more money and ensure that your pool is environment friendly. Some of these are:

Use Efficient Pumps & Filters

Your pumps and filters consume a big part of your total monthly energy consumption. Though it depends on usage too, it will still be enough to make an impact considering the harsh weather in Dubai. You can replace your existing pump with a variable speed pump as it slows down the pump speed. Doing so, it not just makes the pump more environment friendly but also quieter. A swimming pool maintenance company in Dubai can help you with this.

Prevent Water Evaporation
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There are many factors that may accelerate evaporation. Few of these factors are extremely high temperature, wind and harsh sun rays. In fact, it can be the biggest reason behind the excess energy consumption for a property in many cases. So, it is important to take necessary steps to prevent this. You can plant trees that provide shade or arrange artificial shading for this purpose. Alternatively, you can reach a swimming pool construction company Dubai as they can suggest you with a few unique, innovative ways to achieve this.

Go Solar 

This is the best way to save energy and conserve the environment. Won’t it be great if you get a way using which you can completely cut on your monthly bills? Furthermore, it will help you reduce your carbon emissions. So, don’t think twice; reach swimming pool contractors in Dubai today and ask them to install machines that run on solar energy. You don’t have to always install a water heater to heat the pool water. Be a little innovative and get the job done using a solar heater. And, if you want to keep this solar heat trapped overnight, you can go for solar covers.

Install Windbreakers

Wind is among the biggest factors that suck lots of energy from your pool. You can totally eliminate this problem. Get in touch with swimming pool and landscaping companies in Dubai and ask them to install windbreakers. You should be aware that even modest winds may alter the evaporation rate and heat content of your pool. If you want to lower the rate of evaporation and keep the heat intact for longer, you should consider minimizing the effect of air turbulence. And, there can nothing be better than installing windbreakers.

Other Options

There are many other ways to achieve this. You can focus on choosing the right finish in dark shades as it will help minimise the energy required for heating. The simple logic is, darker colours are good at absorbing heat and keep the pool warm for longer. Another way is adjusting the thermostat settings according to your usage. For instance, if you only use your swimming pool on weekends, there is no use to keep the temperature high for the entire week. You can reduce it by 5-7°C for the rest five days. Using LED lights is another great way to lower your monthly bills.

It’s about taking care of the simple, small things. For instance, if you are leaving for a vacation, you can turn off the pump and heater and turn it on again when you are back. Reducing the pump speed as per your requirements will also help lower the energy consumption. You should keep the drains clean as a clogged drain will make the pump work harder. Apart from this, you can consider optimising the plumbing. Inappropriate pipe sizes may also be the reason behind waste of energy. They should not be too narrow. You can reach swimming pool companies in Dubai for more such ideas and make your pool more eco-friendly.

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