List Of Factors To Consider While Buying A Bike Insurance
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List Of Factors To Consider While Buying A Bike Insurance

List Of Factors To Consider While Buying A Bike Insurance

The best way in which you can have full enjoyment of your two-wheeler is by getting an insurance cover. Getting bike insurance is not just about the recovery of the compensates., it also liberates you from facing ceaseless tension for the care of your bike. This makes the riding experience all the more suitable.

Most people just go for the policy they first come across. This thing needs to be avoided. Because there are certain points to keep in consideration that play quite an important role in deciding what your bike insurance policy is going to look like. These points will help you in getting the most suitable insurance policy for your bike.

Type of Package Policy

The first factor to keep in mind while buying a bike insurance policy is to make sure that it covers all the basics. What is implied by this is that your bike insurance should not just be about third party liability, it should also cover the damage your bike undergoes. While the third party liability insurance policy is mandatory while purchasing a bike, the comprehensive package policy is your decision to go for. When you buy bike insurance, it is this policy that you are looking for. Therefore, make sure you get the basics of your insurance right.

Bike Model Support

It is always better to see the list of bikes that comes under a certain insurance policy. There is no point in getting hold of a bike insurance policy that does not provide full benefit to the bike you have or want to purchase. Hence, it is important to carefully go through the section where the bike models are concerned.

Read the insurance policy document carefully to make sure your bike is listed for the major benefits a policy provides.

Discount Option

By not going properly through the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, you might miss out on the discount offers available in your bike insurance policy.

Just blindly relying on the agent will not help much. You should make it your own priority to go through all the details at length. This is recommended because most insurance companies provide some sort of discount to their policy buyers. It is just you have to be aware and updated regarding this. If nothing else, at least ask your agent about discount offers available while buying a particular bike insurance policy.

Rider Medical Cover

As a rider, it is not just your bike but you too who might get caught in an accident. Therefore, it is important to get clear about the medical cover a specific bike insurance policy provides. Your bike insurance should be formulated in such a way that it covers up for the injuries you suffer in an accident. You should also see to which hospitals are included in the insurance cover and up to what amount your claim can stand. It makes no sense to get an insurance cover just for your bike or to have two separate insurance covers. Best to get a cover for both your bike and yourself in a single policy.

Pillion Rider Cover

It is also important to keep in mind whether your bike insurance provides cover for the pillion rider or not. There is a high chance that you at one time or another will have a pillion rider on your bike. His or her safety is just as important as yours. Therefore, in order to provide expenses from your pocket for the pillion rider, make sure that your bike insurance policy covers him as well. The premium may get higher with this option but it is always cheaper than paying the hospital bills for someone else apart from you.

Premium Amount

How much premium you have to pay for your bike insurance is also something which you must look into. There are many insurance companies in the market that provide a wide range of insurance premium prices. However, the catch is not to get the cheapest one. Just because the premium amount is lower does not make the policy better than the others. Unless and until all the major points are covered by your insurance company, you should avoid getting the lowest premium amount policy. Go for the lowest premium only when other important points are covered in all the policies.

Add Ons

The more add-ons your bike insurance has at an affordable premium the better it is. Add-ons give a great dynamic to your bike. They will cover up many other aspects which generally are not provided in basic insurance cover. One such add on is zero depreciation. With zero depreciation add on, no amount will be deducted from your bike insurance claim for the common wear and tear a bike undergoes on a day to day basis. Add-ons, therefore, can help you in many ways while getting the bike insurance claim.

By keeping these points in mind while getting a bike insurance cover, you are more likely to get a more than decent insurance cover for yourself. Just keep in mind that paperwork is the area where all of these factors come into play, so try not to skip through the terms and conditions of your bike insurance policy.

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