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The Casement Louvres

The Casement Louvres

Blinds are one of the most useful yet trendy piece of decoration today. They blend perfectly with windows/doors within budget. They are available in different designs, materials, prices etc. Next time, when you would be decorating your home, don’t forget the window blinds! Best Blinds in Melbourne belongs to those who deals in decorative blinds.


Blinds Melbourne depicts following types of blinds which are commonly available at every decorative corner.

  • Exterior Shades : As the name suggests, these louvers add the ultimate style, yet preventing the sun rays to increase the temperature. They are mainly used for porches or large windows.
  • Roller Blinds : They are the simplest kind of blinds wherein the rope is used to roll the blind accordingly. They can be found around at any window as they are compatible with every shape and size.
  • Vertical Blinds : They are the ideal shades for patio doors. These type of blinds are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Pleated Shades : These type of louvres add a classical touch and are generally best suited for working areas like study,library etc.

Roman Louvres are the interior blinds aimed at controlling the darkness of the room. They add a smooth finishing touch to a sophisticated atmosphere.


After selecting the type of blind, the next step is to choose the material of the blind. Blinds Melbourne come in different materials and shapes mentioned as follows :

  • Wooden Blinds : The woods may vary from type to type, like maple, walnut etc. These shades are a turn on for wooden worked areas like kitchens and halls.
  • Aluminum Shades : Such shades are easy to clean and quite affordable too. They give seamless touch to the windows and doors.
  • Plastic Awnings : These are the newest type of blinds which are really light and made up of PVC.
  • Synthetic Blinds : They are made up of fabric i.e. thick fabric adding a heavy looks to luxurious rooms. They fit ideal with roller blinds.


The Louvres price depends upon the size, shape and type of Blinds in Melbourne. The more they are big, the more they’ll cost. Custom made designs and orders, that is, ordering blinds as per your wish will cost more than the normal ones. Just keep a check on your budget and need to order your flawless blinds!

Other Products

1. Shutters are the general solid window coverings which are portable yet fancy. They are of many kinds but the main are :

  • Plantation Shutters
  • Solid Shutters

2. Venetians are a compatible alternative to blinds. They are slatted and made up of metals and wood.

3. Awnings are small roof-like structures made up of plastic, which provides shelter from rain and sun. They are decorative and good looking too.


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