Trifold Ramps | What Are These Best For?
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Trifold Ramps | What Are These Best For?

Trifold Ramps | What Are These Best For?

We all know how important these portable ramps are especially for someone who depends on a wheelchair for mobility? All these advantages have given birth to several different types of ramps. Today, we are going to discuss with you everything about – trifold ramps. These are the types of the ramp that fold themselves into a suitcase – making it convenient for one to carry them. These foldable ramps work best to cross any kind of obstacle that comes your way. 

Whether you are in a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or any kind of power chair, these trifold ramps are designed to give you a pathway to independently cross any obstacle that comes your way. One thing that you need to ensure is to order a trifold ramp that fits your needs. For this, we highly recommend that you consult your accessibility professional. They will guide you to find the correct size of the trifold ramp. Be it any size, these trifold ramp folds into a suitcase that comes with a handle that makes it easier for one to carry them around. 

Most of these trifold ramps have an anti-slip surface and are sturdy enough to handle your weight. Along with that, these ramps are designed for many benefits. 

Some of these benefits of trifold wheelchair ramps are – 

  • They give easy access to vehicles. 
  • Makes your home more accessible and wheelchair friendly
  • Easy to carry which keeps you ready for any kind of obstacle anytime. 
  • Since all these trifold ramps come with a non-slip surface, it is quite safe to use.
  • All these trifold ramps are designed using weather-resistant sturdy material which makes them durable. 

These are some of the benefits of using portable trifold ramps available on the market. Every wheelchair user must invest in one of these considering all these benefits. We all know that the major challenge for anyone stuck in a wheelchair is to find all possible ways to lead a healthy & independent life. With these trifold ramps, you can easily achieve that. Luckily there are several places from where you can order these trifold ramps. However, finding the right one is a major challenge. 

To make it simpler, we would highly recommend you check the collection of trifold ramps at EZ Access. It is a renowned and trusted online store that deals in all kinds of mobility and accessibility devices and equipment. Each one of the products that they sell comes with a warranty and guarantee of being safe. You can check out their trifold ramp – Suitcase Trifold As Ramp, one of the best selling and unique ramps which comes with so many features like being slip-resistant, patented hinge, convenient design, and more. So, if you are looking for trifold portable ramps, you must consider investing in one of these. This ramp is available in several different sizes – 5ft, 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, and 10ft. Depending on your requirements, you can select which size suits you the best. You can also contact the EZ Access team to help you decide on it.

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