What are Self Drilling Screws and What are These Used for?
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What are Self Drilling Screws and What are These Used for?

What are Self Drilling Screws and What are These Used for?

When you go for joinery and for drilling activities, self drilling screws, also known as self-tapping screws, are always of a different type of screws that you need for purposes that simple screws cannot solve. For everyday purposes or for any type of construction in home or in office, these self-tapping screws can be used for attaching or fixing things on to the wall or to any other surface. Actually, they are fasteners that can hold things on to a certain place. However, when it comes to understanding the working of these, you should keep in mind that they are fasteners with high retention capacity and fixing capabilities. Let’s find out more about these screws.

Uses of Self-Drilling Screws

  • Since these screws are made up of hardened steel, they do not rot or warp, hence give an ultimate value for your money.
  • Due to their strength and durability, they are primarily used in multiple sheet metal usage and for industrial fabrication.
  • Basically, they are the commercial fasteners that are used in industries, commercial estates and warehouses for a multitude of purposes.
  • They are also used as aerospace fasteners.
  • Since these screws are equipped with an additional drill point resembling the point of a drill, they can be efficiently used to make a hole on to a surface.


Different Types of Threads in the Self-Drilling Screws

The threads of these screws work very well to make a part of any fastening process easier and faster than ever. Sometimes there might be a confusion regarding exactly which type of self-drilling screw you want for your project. For example, depending on your purpose, you can choose between thread cutting, drilling screws, and tapping screws. If a screw basically drills its own hole, it is called a self drilling screw. You can easily opt for these screws from any hardware store or buy them online to get the screws delivered at your doorstep. There are also the thread-rolling screws that extrude different varieties of threads in a pre-drilled hole on the substrate without removing any type of material. This creates a fit that has a zero clearance action. So, it is best to choose the screw exactly as per your project requirements.

Getting the best self-drilling screws from hardware and home improvement stores

  • The zinc-plated screws are the best ones that can offer you great durability and longevity. It is a part of fasteners and the hardware section where you also get the galvanized screws.
  • These screws are also found in different varieties, and are available in packets of 100 or 200. So, you can buy accordingly as per the number of screws you want for your project.
  • The double thread, the framer screws, and the Hexwater head, are some of the varieties of these screws. Apart from this, you can also get hex water head and wafer Philips, which are some of the other varieties that are used for self-drilling purposes.

How to Choose the Best Manufacturers for the Self-Drilling Screws?

Self-drilling ones are the best fasteners that you can use for any type of fastening or fixing project. However, it is important to choose the best manufacturers only for buying the final products. Toggle mount, flange head and hex flange are some of the varieties that you can buy from manufacturers. Check their certification, the way they have been supplying the screws for residential, commercial and industrial use, and also which are the sectors where they have worked. Check whether the screws that you buy are suitable for dry wall, concrete, and chip boards, or not.

So, now that you know so much about self drilling screws, know your project requirements, compare screws from a few manufacturers, and choose the one that best suits your needs, preferences and budget.

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