How To Build Ad Strategy For Fashion Store
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How To Build Ad Strategy For Fashion Store

How To Build Ad Strategy For Fashion Store

In the highly competitive fashion market, it has become quite tricky to run an eCommerce themes business in this business category. By adding more in the context of the online store, fashion is the kind of stuff that needs to be marketed well across the internet.

Who doesn’t want to go beyond a standard Facebook ad strategy and create other unique ways to approach customers? Well, Facebook is the prominent platform, no doubt conversely, we are saying how to tackle with Facebook ads and run other campaigns to improve your brand presence, sales and spread awareness.

When all the ad strategy applied correctly, your fashion ads will be presented appropriately to your targeted audience, so that they can get to know about your brand and buy products from your store.

Here’s the list of digital ads ideas that will help you market your fashion store

But before we begin with ad ideas, at first, we decide to enlighten you with native ads.

Native Ad

What Is Native Ad?

Although, native advertising terms used for paid ads. It’s a collation of its appearance, perceives and function of the created content of the media in which they appear.

Native ads are not like you find ads on social media feed or any content on web-page presenting to you in the form of banner ads & display ads. Native advertising is the best option for e-commerce stores; in contrast, it gives a wide range to reach out to the customers. It also allows store owners to control over which platforms these ads are going to be placed and which not.

However, let’s get back to the ads ideas.

Facebook Ads

Use Facebook Ads To Target Your Audience Again

When an ad comes into the recommendations space on the user’s social media account, they usually disregard it. Approaching the same person would help you and that user also starting to notice your product ad. In the sense of ads, Shopify themes based websites help you to promote your brand and product easily on every possible social media platform.

Let’s say, the first time your ad appears on a social media feed, conversely, that user shows your ad and scrolls down the feed. Don’t worry, try it again by targeting that user with an updated ad, i.e. use “discount” or “sale” word in your product. Chances may rise that the user will click on that and which will bring them to your store.

Besides, the same technique can also apply to the people who’ve abandoned carts without purchasing products. You can also lure them by sending push-notifications, email or message which includes some most exceptional offers on the product purchase meant.

Select any Holiday To Increase and Get Customer’s Attention

On the regular days, your promotional emails, notifications or messages can not be seen by your audience. In the daylight, people are usually working in their office, and they barely touch their phones, at night they like to relax by watching Netflix or any other things.

However, if you want your customers to notice you then, pick any festival like Christmas and start your promotional marketing campaign.

Create a series of emails that include a holiday discount. Like on the first day discount on footwear, second day discount on male & female clothes, third day discount on kid’s clothes and so on. Use this strategy according to your products.

For instance, the PrestaShop themes-based website allows sending emails directly from the website and also conducting visuals on its web-store regarding the festival season.

Become Your Customers Fashion Guider

Building a fashion store doesn’t mean everything; you should have a sense of fashion too. If you are selling a variety of clothes, then create your tab and present your fashion ideas. Customers love this when they see recommended products by the owners. In general, it gains trust in your customers.

You can also add how to wear clothes with a limited wardrobe and how to dress well on various occasions. People are always in a dilemma with their outfits. You can provide them with a solution.

As it stated that, you could create your tab on your OpenCart themes store’s navigation bar or you can create a blog post too. These are the places where you can easily connect with your audience and give in-depth information regarding your product accordingly.

Adhering Embedded On Instagram

In the time of viral trends, Instagram is the source where stylish things are getting in patterns and becoming famous now. World’s gigantic fashion brands such as Levi’s and Gucchi have more followers and better engagement on Instagram. Even small businesses are getting recognized for their products, so why don’t you?

If you have already become popular between fashion animals, then, it’s time for you to start with an Instagram giveaway. You ask your followers to follow your page, tag their friends and chance to win one of your products for free.

You can also get help from Instagram influencers which is specifically called “Influencer Marketing”. Influencers help you to gain more customers.

Moreover, if you are running a campaign on Instagram, then, you are going to get more traffic on your web-store, and you are also going to witness a hike on your ROI.

Want More In Your Business

Want More In Your Business?

Gigantic brands are getting more traffic, followers and strong engagement by investing a significant amount of time in marketing. They have already got the nerve of customers, and their marketing campaigns are directly hit on human emotions.

You can also get this stuff too as soon as you know who your targeted audience is. A unique approach and creative ideas are the only way to connect with customers. However, all these things can only be accomplished by doing experiments if you have guts to do tests then go ahead.

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