Is The Buying Of TikTok Followers’ Impact Unpredictable? The Answer’s Here

Is The Buying Of TikTok Followers’ Impact Unpredictable? The Answer’s Here

Is buying of TikTok followers’ impact unpredictable? The answer is it depends. It depends on how you buy followers and where you buy your followers from. Let’s dive right in.

The website of your choice matters

The first step in buying followers is choosing the right website. If you’re lucky enough to know an authentic website already, well, good for you. But if you don’t, you have to consider the credibility of a website very much

The followers you buy from a particular website affects the impact of those followers on a high level. Some websites brag about selling real followers. And when you buy those followers, in hopes of them being real, you expect them to behave like real followers. Little did you know that the website was a scam and the followers fake.

Other websites ensure that the followers will be delivered right on time, and maybe they do. But most of the time, the followers do not even reach you (another scam), or the number is lower than promised.

That’s why the website of choice matters a lot for the final result. Take excellent care of who you decide to do business with. If you don’t know any good websites, then here’s our 2 recommended websites to buy TikTok followers: BoostMyTikTok and Both of these are credible websites. In fact these are some of the best sites to buy TikTok followers and we buy our TikTok stuff from them all the time.

Don’t make your followers look like ‘Bought followers’

One of the biggest rookie mistakes beginners make out there is buying a thousand followers in one go. Don’t ever do that. It makes you look like a fake.

People buy a large number of followers at a time and expect their TikTok to grow. Of course, it wouldn’t. People on TikTok aren’t fools. They can very easily identify the sudden increase in the followers of someone. And when they discover that the followers are fake in the follower’s list, they will have a bad impression of you. There goes your chance of growing on TikTok along with your money.

What must you do instead?

Easy. Make it look like your followers are growing organically. How? Simple. Buy followers in batches. That’s all. Buy 100 TikTok followers every 3rd-4th day. Don’t exceed it and you should be good to go.

Buying followers in batches will not only make it seem like you’re growing organically, but it also wouldn’t tip the TikTok algorithm the wrong way.

TikTok algorithm?

Exactly. TikTok AI can very easily identify who’s growing organically and who is not. A sudden increase in your followers is one of the TikTok algorithm’s indications that the particular account’s growth is unnatural. Hence, it will merely stop suggesting you to other users, and instead of flying, you fall.

To prevent that, you need to show TikTok that your growth is natural. And you can do that by buying followers in batches, as we said before.


And there you go. Some of the fundamental steps in buying TikTok followers to avoid unpredictable impacts on your account include stopping to grow instead of growing further.

If you master these few steps, your performance on TikTok will surely be a game-changer. Take our word for it. Change the unpredictable results into entirely predictable ones.

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