Exam Preparation Bankers in Germany (Prüfungsvorbereitung Bankkaufmann)

Exam Preparation Bankers in Germany (Prüfungsvorbereitung Bankkaufmann)

Vocational training as a banker is very popular in Germany. This is not surprising – because bankers earn a good salary in Germany. But what does the vocational training to bankers in Germany include?

Analyst and communication talent – that’s the best way to describe good bankers. Customers give them simple advice about concerns and money, whether it’s about the first own account or the financing of a car. In addition, they take care of the customer accounts, manage securities and create financial concepts. The dual training takes three years and can be shortened to two years with good performance. However, learning is not over after that, because numerous training options allow you to take many different (career) paths.

What does a banker do?

  • Advise customers: The opening of the first own account, a loan application for the new car or the withdrawal of a larger sum of money – customers come for various reasons in the bank. Bankers can advise them understandably.
  • Executing customer orders: Many customers not only use the advisory service of a bank, but also have orders executed by bankers. For example, bank clerks open and manage accounts, buy securities, keep and store valuables in safes and lockers, or contact foreign banks, for example, to exchange money into another currency.
  • Creating financial concepts: If a wealthy businessman wants to invest his money profitably or a young couple wants to finance a house, bankers know advice. In individual concepts they summarize the possibilities and present them in a personal conversation. For this calculations and calculations are necessary.
  • Activities in bank-internal areas: So that the procedures in a bank run around, also the so-called bank-internal ranges must be supervised. Thus, bank clerks in the area of human resources can search for, recruit and look after junior staff. In accounting, among other things, cost analyzes are created.

Your tasks at a glance:

  • Advise customers with questions about money transactions
  • Evaluate customers’ credit requests and select suitable forms of credit
  • Receive and implement payment orders
  • Assess the ability of (corporate) customers to pay
  • Arranging loans, home savings contracts and (life) insurance
  • Develop concepts for old-age provision
  • Deal with foreign transactions, for example exchange money
  • Why should you become a banker?

The profession offers a varied workday. You serve customers with different needs and are always challenged anew. Numerous training options also open up good career prospects. From apprentice to branch manager – not an unusual career path.

What are the working hours as a banker?

Depending on the bank, you can work full time as a banker or bank clerk 37 to 40 hours a week. If the counter is your place of work, the working hours are based on the opening hours of the bank. Personal counseling often takes place after the bank is closed.

What work clothes do I wear as a banker?

Suit and costume are required as work clothes, partly also provided specially, if you work in the customer service. This can also accessories such as scarves, ties or pins. Tattoos and piercings are tolerated as long as they are not visible.

How does the training as a banker work?

Training as a banker usually takes three years. Alternating you will find in operation and vocational school. Block school lessons are also possible. In the middle of the second year of the apprenticeship, the intermediate examination takes place; at the end of the third year of apprenticeship, the final examination takes place. With good grades, you can shorten the training to two or two and a half years.

Problems with the exam

Many young people do not pass their exams in this field. Because the exams to the banker are not easy. That is why we have specially set up an area for bankers on our online learning platform. Here you can train with many free practice questions. There is also a separate online video course for bankers. There are more than 40 hours of video available in this online video course. In these videos all learning fields are discussed again and the most important things are explained for the exam. This will also allow people to pass the exam, who missed a lot of learning material at school.

All information for the vocational training bankers in Germany you will find on our learning platform.

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