Things To Know About The GRE Test!
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Things To Know About The GRE Test!

Things To Know About The GRE Test!

Many students and professionals who are planning for GRE, generally fall in a dilemma about what’s GRE and how they must give a start. The answer is explained in complete detail below. The Graduate Record Examination or GRE test is one standardized test, which allows you to showcase your skill to graduate schools. There are many international universities that include most in Canada and make use of GRE scores as the measure of a candidate’s potential. Online GRE test can be conducted on all working days, giving you complete flexibility with planning the GRE prep. You may attempt the GRE entrance test many times you want, make sure you enroll in professional GRE Classes in Pune to get a good score. With the Score-select option, one can choose which GRE score must be shared with your graduate school you choose.

GRE evaluates you across broad skills:

  •         Verbal reasoning
  •         Analytical Writing
  •         Quantitative reasoning

These are some important skills that graduate students may need to employ on a daily basis. GRE scores form a very important part of their admissions need for both Ph.D. and MS programs in the English speaking countries.

GRE exam is a perfect selection for you as:

  •         The GRE test is considered by a lot of fellowship and scholarship programs.
  •         GRE score is accepted widely by the many institutes and universities across Europe, the US, Asia Pacific, Canada, Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America.
  •         The ability to retake this exam as needed until the test score shows your true potential.
  •         Some law schools accept GRE scores.

What’s the GRE Eligibility criterion?

The best part is that the GRE has got no eligibility criteria. Anybody can take tests irrespective of the age and qualifications and to improve your score, you must go for GRE Coaching Classes in Pune. The only requirement is you produce the document prescribed by the GRE as identity proof while appearing for the GRE exam. For Indian students, the original passport will be considered as valid identity proof.

This said each university and institute that you apply to might have their eligibility criteria for providing admission. These differ from one program to another and might include certain factors like minimum age, qualifications, and experience, and IMFS offers the best coaching in Pune.

What’s the Test Pattern of GRE?

The GRE Test will be conducted in two basic streams:

  1.       General Test
  2.       Subject Test

The GRE General test evaluates test takers on the following:

  •         Quantitative reasoning skills
  •         Verbal reasoning skills
  •         Analytical writing skills

GRE Subject Test:

  •         Required by some select universities for the select programs
  •         It focuses on a subject that you would like to pursue an education.
  •         You can select from specific study fields.

How is your GRE test scored?

  •         Candidate’s performance in their first section of quant and verbal sections determines the difficulty of its second subsection.
  •         GRE Test is the computer adaptive test.
  •         The scaled score will be calculated by “equating”.
  •         In the sections, the raw score is one mark for every question that you answer correctly.
  •         Suppose you score very low in your first sub-section, the second subsection will be simple but potential high score can be lowered also.
  •         It means when you do well in your first subsection, the second subsection may have questions with the high difficulty level; however, you would score the highest potential score.

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