The Carnival and the Luau Two Summer Party Themes for Kids

The Carnival and the Luau Two Summer Party Themes for Kids

Two of the most popular themes for summer children’s parties are the carnival and the Hawaiian Luau. With both, you can really go wild with your decorations and there are many different ways to do that. Both allow you to make many of the decorations and games yourself, which is perfect if you don’t have a lot of money for a party right now. To find out all about these two themes for summer children’s parties and how to organize one for your child’s birthday.

The carnival party

Let’s start with the carnival party ideas. A carnival is an ideal theme for spring, summer, and early fall. It’s also a great theme for a kid’s party as it’s all about fun and play, prizes, and food. Do you remember the last time you went to the center? The first thing you notice when you go to a fair is the music, the lights, and the rides… and then the smells start to hit you. The popcorn, cotton candy, funnel cakes, the wonderful aromas surround you and you have to eat something right away. The burgers, Hawaiian print dog shirt, candy apples, pretzels, all tempt you and make you feel like you’ve never eaten before. Plan some simple foods for your backyard summer party and make sure to include some of the must-haves. That definitely includes the cotton candy and the hot dogs.

After you eat, you’ll want to play some games and win prizes that you can only find at a funfair. The stuffed animals, the back scratchers, the squeeze balls, glow sticks and the plastic leis are just some of the toys and novelties you can win by playing the fun carnival games.

The mention of game prizes brings us to the games. Milk Bottle Toss, the Hi-striker, the Balloon and Dart game, Clothespin Drop, the Lollipop Tree, Duck Pond, Fish Bowl Ping Pong Toss, or anything that has to do with a beanbag are all fun, fun, fun games for a carnival party. I’m sure you remember playing them from the days you spent halfway through the carny. Most of these games are easy enough to make yourself so you can save a lot of money.

Set up stands with cardboard boxes or card tables. Hang some shower curtains on your fence and place your game tables and cubicles against it. Hang streamers or colored streamers around the party. Fill clear plastic kid buckets with candy and goodies to decorate your party tables. Red or red and white striped tablecloths are perfect. The last achievement you can deliver is the popcorn cupcakes. These easy-to-make cupcake designs are fun to look at. All you have to do is top your frosted cupcakes with some mini marshmallows. Wait until you hear the oohs and ahs from your guests.

The Hawaiian Luau Party

The Hawaiian Luau or Hawaiian Birthday Party is another fun idea for a summer kid’s party. A Luau is another outdoor party that you can make lots of decorations for. You remember the big fabric flowers we used to make when we were kids, right? Well, they would be perfect to hang from your fence line and place in the center of any party table.

A Hawaiian Luau birthday is another celebration that instantly reminds us of some fun board games. The Limbo and the Hula are activities you should play at a Luau. The Hula is a dance, not a game unless you make it a game. Hold a hula competition or see who can use the best hula hoop. The Limbo or how low can you go is also a lot of fun. Buy authentic Hawaiian music for both games.

Eating at a Luau doesn’t have to be authentic Hawaiian Luau recipes. Use fruits and put them on kabobs. Chicken on kabobs also sounds great. Add a salad and some grilled corn on the cob for a delicious feast. Now you can use your fruit kabobs for dessert or have some melted chocolate and let the kids dip some sliced ​​fruit. Add some cupcakes with palm sticks in them or go all out and bake a volcano cake to amaze your young guests.

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