6 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid on a First Date

6 Fashion Mistakes To Avoid on a First Date

People are slowly returning to their routines after months of living an antisocial life in lockdown or away from others because of the pandemic, and that includes, of course, getting back into the dating routine.

Dates already had their particularities, and it can be challenging to go back to them after so many changes in the rules of social coexistence. But be aware that one thing hasn’t changed; the need to make a good first impression.

How you act – how you talk and what you talk about, how you behave, etc. – is critical to make the “match” happen. But in a scenario where a lot can go wrong, dressing well is also important. Specifically, there are some more obvious mistakes regarding first date outfits. Let’s look at a few to avoid making the wrong impression on your return to a more social lifestyle.

1. Showing Too Much Skin

Obviously, the way you dress is very private and based on your own comfort. So how much skin a woman shows or doesn’t show is first and foremost a personal choice.

On the other hand, remember that first dates are essentially an opportunity to meet someone new. And it gets a little difficult when you show up in an overly seductive outfit, revealing that you’re ready for some action. If your date is someone more sensitive or shy, it can even create an uncomfortable mood.

The tip is to balance how much you show. For example, if you want to show off your legs, cover your upper body to enhance them. If you prefer to show your cleavage, avoid microskirts and cover your legs. And if showing skin isn’t your style at all, avoid doing it. Wearing something too tight or short can make you feel uncomfortable and ruin the date.

2. Uncomfortable Footwear

Picture the scene: to celebrate your return to social life; you’ve decided to buy a brand new costume for your first date. That’s fine, but avoid wearing brand-new shoes that you just took out of the box or uncomfortable shapes like a skinny stiletto heel.

You may need to walk a little before, during, or after the date. As much as new or stylish shoes look shiny and attractive, your feet aren’t used to them. The shoes can cause pain, blisters, or simply squeeze your feet or fingers during the entire date.

3. Disregarding the Weather Report

A common mistake on a first date is trying to be fashionable by wearing lots of heavy clothing on a humid day or lighter, shorter clothes on a chilly night. Always check the weather report before going out on a date, considering the time of day you’re going out.

If you want to wear lighter clothes but are afraid of getting cold at night, a pair of jeans and a leather jacket will help keep you from freezing.

If you want to wear several pieces of clothing but are afraid of getting hotter, choose versatile pieces that can be easily removed to be carried in your hands.

4. Wearing Expensive Clothing

No one wants to go on their first date wearing old jeans or a stained T-shirt, however comfortable they are. But the opposite is not recommended either. Showing up at the date with a very expensive or flashy costume, especially if it’s not your style, can create the wrong expectations about your personality.

Choose something comfortable but still presentable; not casual but equally not overly expensive.

The same goes for props. Avoid flashy jewelry or accessories such as hats and furs. In the case of men, complicated props can make it look like you’re trying too hard. Wear something fashionable but casual, like trendy rimless glasses for men.

5. Strong Perfume

People tend to exaggerate using fragrances on a first date, fearing they might sweat and smell bad. But remember that the other person may not like the scent or even be allergic, which will surely ruin your night from the start.

To avoid an overdose of perfume, spray it just once on your wrists, rub them together and then rub them along the sides of your neck. It’s enough for the scent to be noticed without overly standing out.

6. Overly Professional

Some people try hard to make a good impression. But remember that, above all, going out for a date is having a good time and having fun. So avoid wearing something conservative or overly professional the first time you meet someone, as they may get a different impression from who you really are.

Always dress for the occasion. A suit and tie might not make sense if you’re taking your date to a dance or a movie. A long dress with high heels won’t be comfortable if the other person decides to take you bowling or to a rock concert.

Avoid Mistakes by Being Yourself

In addition to your wardrobe, there are other things you should avoid on a first date. But many mistakes are caused when you try too hard to make a positive first impression and end up doing the opposite. If you feel like you’ve been walking on eggshells, maybe it’s time to stop trying and just act like yourself.

Show your date how you can be a fun person who talks animatedly about the subjects you like and avoid pretending to love something you don’t like (like dancing or playing sports). A great relationship can’t be based on lies, so it’s always best to start it off by being true to who you really are.

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