What Every Woman Should Have In Their Wardrobe

What Every Woman Should Have In Their Wardrobe

Why you need to Dress to Impress

The answer to this is straightforward: people not only pay you more attention but also listen to you. When you dress up, you not only exuberate confidence but give a demeanor of professionalism. It’s not just the clothes that help you give off that complete look, but your shoes and other accessories also play an essential part in this. There are many branded footwear for women that you can get according to the gathering.

While dressing up is essential, you should also dress appropriately for the type of event that you’re attending. Joining a meeting with Nike sweats (no matter how expensive) will make them giggle. Every event calls for certain types of dresses that should complement your style and the occasion. So here’s a list of all those essentials that you must have in your wardrobe, along with details that explain where those essentials work best.

Essentials that you need in your closet

Some pieces are timeless and should be a part of your wardrobe, no matter how much stiff upper lip you are. We have compiled a list of those along with some branded footwear for women for you.

The Black Pants

All colors, patterns, and essential shoes go with those black pants. Fashion designers have called these the top essentials for every woman, but try to wear the ones with a good stretch, structure, and lines to complement your body. For an office, you can’t ignore the classy stretchy pleat trouser to get that extra oomph!

Black pants pair with all shoes, it’s just the occasion that you need to worry about. A pump complements a formal gathering, while a sneaker with those fitted ones looks best at a casual affair.

A white shirt

V-necked, crew neck or just a plain Tee is a staple that goes with any jacket, poncho, or even a scarf. But if you choose to lay off the extras, it still looks classy on its own. Paired with blue jeans and joggers, this is your go-to look.

Minimal jewelry

The year 2020 is all about that minimalist fashion sense that you need to incorporate, especially in your jewelry, because these pieces not only make a statement but give your look a polished sophistication. Layering necklaces, patent rings, and earrings make you stand out from the crowd. You can even mix and match some of these pieces to look fabulous and trendy.

Ankle Boots

You can dress your ankle boots in jeans, skirts, and even leggings. Not only are they supremely comfortable, but hip. You can experiment with all types but, the classy Western boot always stands out. They even keep you warm in winters. Pair them with a wooly scarf, a beanie, and a long coat, and you will have the heads turning wherever you go.

The little black dress

You can never go wrong with a black dress. Get the trendiest one with the cheeky cut, and you will be making a fashion statement. From semi-formal to formals, these little things always work. When paired with a stiletto, a pump, or even a platform heel, they never fail to give you a sophisticated yet formal look. You can work the length according to your height and general body type. Shorter lengths work best with a petite body, showing off those lean legs.

Hair accessories

This year has been all about ponytails, braids, and up-dos. These hairstyles work best when paired with clean, minimalist hair clips and hair ties.

Hairbands have bounced right back into the game. You ask me, the bolder, the better.


The weather can turn any event upside down, but the chances are that if you own a funky raincoat, your day will keep rocking. Not only are raincoats essential for your wardrobe, but they stand out if you choose bright and vibrant colors. Ditch those old-school trenches and get the modern ones that will help you stand out in the rain.


For every woman out there, some clothes are a must-have for every occasion. Ranging from hairpieces to pants, these pieces are timeless and essential.

But, what helps you pop out from the crowd is how you pair these staple pieces. You can use vibrant colors and unique patterns to make that same outfit stand out. But always keep in mind, you can only ever get a complete look by caring about what you wear, from the hair down to your heels.

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