Four Chic Ways to Spice Up Your Boho Outfit

Four Chic Ways to Spice Up Your Boho Outfit

Buying outfits from the best designer store can be exhausting. But that isn’t it all! Coordinating the garment with the most appropriate accessories, hairstyle, and footwear have become essential. Especially when it comes to styling the aesthetic boho tops, there are always chances for you to go wrong. Nailing a bohemian dress can be remarkably tricky and, did you know that you can learn simple tricks using minimalistic accessories to pull it off the best way possible? Boho blouses are colourful, leave a pinch of mischief and traditionality. Combining an elegant blend of ancient and contemporary, boho clothes never go out of style. 

How to wear a boho top 101: Fashion Ideas

The fact that most bohemian tops are flowy and are not figure-fitting has made it an all-time favourite and go-to outfit. Boho tops can suit all occasions as they come with detailed yet carefree colourful prints. You can choose from a broad range of hues, from subtle earthy shade to vibrant pink boho maxis and tops – these have turned a closet essential. Here are four ways that will spice up a simple printed boho top:


Australian women spend more than $10,000 every year on clothing. If you want to style a boho top or a maxi for a beach party, pairing it up with a pair of funk hair wraps is the best thing to do. You can pick a patterned headband (something that matches your top). Try avoiding too much contrast when it comes to picking a headband for your boho outfit. Buying a completely different shade or pattern can cause overcrowding of designs which can sometimes go wrong! 

When wearing your headwrap, you have two choices. Either wrap it around just at the forehead-this is the typical style. However, if you fancy an elastic headband, try wearing it past the hairline. You can also try curling your hair or adding some waves to look best in a headband and boho blouse. 


Flare jeans are one of the comfiest wear when it comes to denim. And with a boho blouse, bell-bottom jeans look better over skin-fit trousers. But you need to pay extra attention when choosing the right colour combinations. With a vibrant, patterned top, always pick a faded, subtle pair of flared jeans (white, faded, blue and beige make the best out of this lot). On the flip side, if you are going soft with the top (white, lighter shades of pink, blue and yellow), look best with the classic blue denim! 


If you have picked a printed or patterned boho blouse, layering it with outwear could be the best way to accessorise a casual look. Puffer jackets can best compliment a chic winter look without compromising your style. A colourful knit is also the best pick. You can also pair it up with a denim jacket if your blouse has some denim tinge. If you fancy a hippie look, you can also pick a hoodie for layering. Infusing a more formal look with your fun boho blouse can happen with a structured blazer. 


Silk scarves can work best with boho blouses, be they solid or patterned. The simplest way to style a star or a stole is to wrap it around your neck. If you want to try layers with a scarf, wrap it around the neck and add layers one after the other. Finally, ensure that one end is longer than the other to leave a little casual look. Try spicing up this look by wearing a pair of oversized shades.

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