Easy Ways To Prepare Sponge Cake for a Birthday

Easy Ways To Prepare Sponge Cake for a Birthday

Looking for easier techniques to make a sponge cake for a birthday? Trying different recipes but not getting fluffy sponge cake? We have some techniques to share with. and the ingredients will not cost much as they are available almost in every store. You don’t have to wriggle around for birthday cake preparation as some simple tips will do the magic for the special event. Beating butter and sugar together, adding eggs and folding flour to make simple sponge is the basic thing that we all do. But these few techniques are worth mastering as you will gain the knack for endless variations. Here are some easy ways to prepare a sponge cake for a birthday.

1. Be sure to get everything ready

Heating the oven is the first and foremost thing. Prepare everything beforehand such as lining and preparing the tins before start mixing. Raising agent work too quickly so cake sat on the side for a long time can make big holes and poor rise in the sponge. Prepare the middle shelf ready in the oven and set the oven on the perfect temperature. Do not put the cake batter into chilled storage refrigerator. Try to keep eggs at room temperature and butter soft.

Prepare Sponge Cake For A Birthday

2. Whisk it thoroughly

For the fluffy sponge cake, make sure to beat butter with sugar until it is fluffy and have air bubbles in it. Air bubbles plus CO2 released by raising agents will expand as they heat up, eventually resulting in the rise of cake. You can use an electric mixer to mix it well but if you don’t have one, a wooden spoon will be sufficient. Keep in mind to use a spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl for even mixing.

3. The art of mixing eggs

Start beating the eggs into the butter and sugar mixture as it will trap even more air. Thus, giving it a fluffy texture. Start adding already beaten eggs to the cream mixture, using an electric mixer is preferable for an even texture. Add more eggs and keep mixing the mixture until all the eggs are used. By this time your mixture will be completely fluffy and light.

4. The final step before the cake goes into the oven

In this step, use a rubber spatula to carefully mix the flour into the mixture. You can also add a pinch of salt and self-raising agents or cocoa powder during this process. Keep in mind, do not over stir the mixture. Take a baking tray and layer it with butter paper and add the mixture carefully. Remember dry cakes often contain little liquid, so this is where the term soft dropping consistency comes in. counting dollops would work in a better way rather than using scales to split the batter accurately between the tins.

To check whether your sponge cake is ready or not, put a skewer or cocktail stick. If the cake will be ready it will come out dry or slightly oily with few crumbs.

These techniques will help you to get the fluffiest sponge cake, making sure everything sets perfect on your special occasion.

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