Know the different kinds of mattresses available based on the raw materials used

Know the different kinds of mattresses available based on the raw materials used

When mattresses are purchased people prefer to have mattresses that are non-toxicin nature. Natural materials are best suited for the construction of mattresses,and such mattresses do not pollute the home environment with the release of unwanted chemicals.

In the shops, the mattresses are covered and sealed with a plastic covering which is why no chemicals are released,but after opening it and removing the plastic, the chemicals will be dispersed in the home environment. Therefore, it becomes necessary to note the nature of the mattress which one is going to buy. You can find more info on the types of mattresses in this article.


The varieties of mattresses depending on the nature of the unprocessed material
There are different elements which are being used for constructing a mattress. Foam, Latex, are to name a few of the materials used for making a mattress. According to the nature of the raw materials used there are four main categories, which include:

Organic mattress

These mattresses are made with raw materials which are organically grown without the use of any harmful chemicals. The use of such mattresses is gaining precedence. Mothers prefer to have completely safe and organic beds for their kids,and so 100% natural mattresses are quite in vogue,but the price of such mattresses is also quite high./

Natural mattresses

These mattresses are madefrom natural products,but the raw materials are not necessarily grownin an organic manner. Chemicals might have been used in the cultivation and preparationof the raw materials for making the mattress. These mattresses are also quite safe and can be equated with organic mattressin terms of comfort but people who are extremely conscious about organicproducts they won’t be satisfied with just a natural mattress which is not organic. From saatva mattress review one can get information about the use of natural foam in mattresses.

Hybrid mattress

These types of mattresses are made by combining natural materials with synthetic ones. For example, latex is naturally obtained from rubber,and synthetic latexis also manufactured through the polymerization of monomers. These mattresses are good at providing comfort,anddifferentvarieties of hybrid mattresses are also present in the market. However, if the chemical content used while preparing the mattress is too high, then issues like gassing off might be observed.


Synthetic mattress

In the present era many natural products have been studied,and with the aid of science the chemical composition of those natural molecules is mimicked to obtain a syntheticversion of those products. When mattresses are made from completely artificialpreparationof natural products, then those mattresses are considered as synthetic products. As synthetic preparations are easier to manufacture as compared to natural products, so the priceof the synthetic mattressis much lower than the other varieties of mattresses.

Undoubtedly, thechoice of a particular type of mattressdefinitelydepends on the preference, comfort,and budget of the buyer but being well informed will help the purchaser to make a suitable decision.

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