What Qualities Separate Good Commercial Truck Drivers from the Incompetent Ones
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What Qualities Separate Good Commercial Truck Drivers from the Incompetent Ones

What Qualities Separate Good Commercial Truck Drivers from the Incompetent Ones

India is a nation where logistics largely depends on land-based transportation. Naturally, truck drivers are also available in huge numbers. However, for a reputable logistics company, it is crucial to check a driver’s perks thoroughly. Being a commercial truck driver requires a number of skills that are taught by trucking schools. Truck drivers have to cope with various road conditions. They also have to control the vehicle and the goods it is carrying for long hours alone. According to the specialists of Tata Trucks Showroom in Chandigarh, rigorous driving of commercial vehicles can be quite exhausting. Less qualified drivers can be dangerous for other drivers and pedestrians. Here are a few things for you to consider when hiring a driver.

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Character qualities


Drivers of commercial trucks should possess stamina as well as mental fortitude. The person may have to lift heavy equipment and materials. Drivers also have to spend extended periods alone in uncomfortable positions. These people stay away from home and their families for several weeks or months. So, dedicated drivers should have the guts to handle this tedious job.


It is crucial that you hire an individual with a sense of responsibility. The driver should be punctual, careful while handling the goods and polite with clients. Never hire someone who has a record of driving rashly or someone who consumes alcohol while driving. Trucks are heavy vehicles that can cause insurmountable damage to property and people. Therefore, drivers have to steer the lorry safely while following proper driving practices.


Driving a truck is one of the most stressful of occupations in this world. Drivers have to meet deadlines while coping with the emotional and physical toll. So, a truck driver has to be someone who can handle stressful conditions. The demanding nature of the task seeks a doer who is next to infallible to physical and mental pressures.


Finally, a driver has to be responsive and alert at all times. A driver has to qualify vision tests to distinguish changing road conditions from a distance. It is common in first-world countries to do a thorough checkup of the eyesight of drivers. If possible, you too should incorporate as many of these tests as you can, based on your income.


License holder:

It is utterly important that you never allow a driver without a license to drive a truck. It is the silliest mistake that a logistics company can make, as observed by Tata Motors Authorized Dealers in Chandigarh

Driving records:

An experienced truck driver with an excellent track record should be in the first place of your list. It provides your company with the assurance of safety for your goods, other drivers on the street, and pedestrians.

Knowledge of mechanics:

Finally, it is an advantage for a driver to have fundamental experience in the mechanics of trucks. They should be able to handle small and insignificant issues on their own.

Scrap the guessing game

Yes, you can’t afford to play a guessing game while choosing drivers for your fleet. Now you know what qualities separate good drivers from the average and the inept ones. Follow the guidelines given above and then make your choice. With the tips, you will be consistent about hiring the right drivers while lowering the attrition rates. Your goods will always reach their destination in time, and you can be confident about the politeness of your driver. You will save a considerable percentage of your expenses in the long run.

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