5 Ways to Transform Your Current Look

5 Ways to Transform Your Current Look

When was the last time you changed your look? Do you love what you see when you look into the mirror? If not, then it’s time to transform your current look.

Despite what you may think, changing your current look is quite easy. You don’t have to mysteriously lose fifty pounds or spend all your money on a new wardrobe. Even the slightest of changes in your style can make a huge difference.

Here are five of the best ways to transform your current look.

1. Change your hair

It goes without saying that your hair is a huge part of your look. So, even a small change like parting your hair on a different side, or down the middle might be all you need.

However, you need to remember that hairstyles age with time – what was in style last year is outdated today. Regardless of how good you ‘think’ you look with that style, it might be time to change it.

Look for a fresher hairstyle, change your hair colour, or maybe try a different hair length. Either way, do something different with your hair. It’ll make all the difference.

2. Revamp your makeup

If you’ve always done your makeup, why not try a professional makeover? Get a beauty expert to teach you new techniques and new products that go well with your face. Learn how to amp your eyebrows and pay extra attention to your colours.

Adding a little shade to your eyes goes a long way to transform your look.

More importantly, embrace red lipstick. Red adds a certain appeal to your look and brightens your smile. It also works with nearly every skin tone and matches with most of your wardrobe colours.

3. Accessorize, accessorize!

Changing your wardrobe is one sure way to change your entire look. But let’s face it, no one has the budget to do this, so learn how to update your wardrobe with items that matter. This is the secret to accessorizing on a budget.

If you can’t afford a Louis Vuitton handbag, go for a bag with brass hardware, over silver hardware. Brass makes it look more expensive and startling.

Instead of a new winter coat, opt for new gloves and scarf, preferably of brighter colours. Even something small, like adding a new belt to your dress, can do the trick.

4. Mimic your favourite celebrity – or not

Celebrities dress for the public. Most of them have a unique style that works for their skin and body type. So, choose one celebrity with a good sense of fashion and imitate their style.

Pay extra attention to the accessories they emphasise, is it their jewellery? Hairstyle? Shoes? Makeup? Purses? The more details you identify in their style, the better you’ll come out.

Nonetheless, don’t max out your credit card trying to be like a celebrity. If their wardrobe is too expensive, visit a thrift store, local boutique or the department store; you’ll always find something that comes close.

5. Try new shoes

Your shoes are among the first things anyone notices when they look at you. So, they can easily change your look. Instead of your usual dark-coloured shoes, try bright-coloured shoes for a change. For a more creative feel, you can look for shoes with extra designs on them.

Getting athletic shoes can also change your appearance. It’ll make you look sportier and more active.

Final thoughts

Changing your current look doesn’t require a ton of money or some heavy gym workout. You can easily do it by merely paying attention to the details.

Change your hairstyle, reinvent your makeup, accessorize, mimic a fashion icon, and try new shoes.

These steps may seem small, but they’ll have a huge impact on your appearance. So, don’t hang on to your ‘tired’ look, it’s time to don a new style!

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