Top Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils
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Top Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils

Top Benefits of Cold Pressed Oils

The current trend in the world is to be organic. It has been introduced in almost all industries today, starting from the food and beverage to the cosmetic industry. The major reason behind going organic is the increased awareness and consciousness towards processed goods.

Organic cold pressed oils have recently gained a lot of popularity in India. One reason behind this is to retain the natural goodness and essence of oil derived from its original seed. Also, these cold pressed oils are obtained from natural seeds of fruits and herbs such as coconut, olive, sunflower, sesame seed, canola, etc.

The best cold pressed oils are extremely popular in the cosmetic industry and is a boon for skin and hair. These are definitely a healthier alternative to all highly processed oils for the simple reason that they have no added ingredients, making them a better go-to option for everyone. This is the reason why these oils might come with a slightly shorter expiry compared to chemically processed ones.

Make the right choice by choosing cold-pressed oils over chemically-filled bottles!

Benefits of Using Organic Cold-Pressed Oils

For skin:

#1. Organic cold pressed oils
No matter what the weather is, your skin needs deep moisturisation always. Cold pressed oils can be the most suitable product, which is free from chemicals.

#2. Anti-ageing properties
Oils can be way better than the false claims of expensive cosmetics promising anti-ageing effects. Certain oils act as a natural anti-ageing element.

#3. A natural alternative to makeup
Oils can be used as the base primer before applying make-up which produces the contact between the product and the skin.

#4. Highly nourishing
Oil is an all-in-one product that allows you to moisturise skin, remove makeup or nourish the skin naturally.

For hair:

#5. Helps treat dry and flaky scalp effectively
Some of the most common issues with hair are the dry and flaky scalp. Cold pressed oil can be a natural healer in such cases.

#6. Promotes healthy hair growth
There is no denying that regularly massaging hair with the right oil can enhance hair growth.

#7. Reduces hair fall
Regular use of cold pressed oil can reduce the chance of hair fall extensively.

#8. Act as heat protectants during extensive hairstyling
While a hairstyling session looks smooth, it is not ideal for the texture of hair. Heat can damage the hair strands making them rough and brittle. So, cold pressed hair oil, in that case, can actually act as a barrier for your hair.

#9. Reduces and treats stress and split ends
Among all the benefits of cold pressed oils, maintaining the hair structure overall can be the best you can find.

In addition to the above benefits, cold pressed oils can also do wonders for nails, acne, dark circles, fine lines and scars as well.

Organic Cold-Pressed Oils vs Regular Refined Oils

The major reason why the cosmetic industry is switching to organic cold pressed oils is to avoid the extensive heat and chemicals that are used for refined oil extraction. Additionally, the process of making the final refined oil involves different stages like removal of gums that is essential, use of acetic acid and bleaching soda that further reduces the quality of the oil. Lastly, with the use of extensive heat, the remaining nutrients in these oils are further depleted, making the oil just a liquid with promising advertising.

Organic cold pressed oils are created to be used in their natural forms without much alterations and processing. The process is as simple as pressing the oil seeds to extract the oil from them and they are good to go. Moreover, as all these oils are natural in nature, they are full of essential nutrients and flavour that we need and are also safer to use. This is why these organic cold pressed oils are a little expensive.

Best Cold Pressed Oils Options

As the cosmetic industry is greatly influenced by organic products, the amount of competition in the market is really high. This in turn has increased the efforts and investment that big brands are making towards this switch. This has made it difficult for consumers to choose the best cold pressed oils from the pool of options available.

Not only the big names but also many newcomers are coming up with a variety of options in the organic cold pressed oils category. This category has genuinely witnessed a sudden spike in start-ups from all around the world proving how the guaranteed benefits of regular use of organic cold pressed oils are true.

To conclude, a healthy body is a mix of healthy skin, healthy heart and healthy hair. So, go and pick the right cold-pressed oils for yourself and see the difference with your own eyes. There is a different kind for each so explore and see which one works best for you.

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