Ayurvedic Remedies for Weight Loss

Ayurvedic Remedies for Weight Loss

Ayurved or Ayurveda as it’s more popularly known traces back to the Indus Valley Civilization to around 6000 BCE. It is believed that ancient Indian sages/seers received the gift of this medical knowledge from the Hindu gods.

Whether or not gods exist, is a different story. But the knowledge does and it is immensely helpful and easy to implement!

Obesity, cholesterol, and unhealthy fats are silent killers that crawls up to your heart leading to an uninvited and untimely demise. Weight loss is an essential part of weight management, which in turn is required to lead a healthy lifestyle. Being overweight increases one’s risk of coronary conditions, high blood pressure, type – 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancers.

Ayurveda is wholly comprised of naturally occurring herbs, they are extremely healthy as compared to traditional chemical-based other drugs. While an overdose of certain drugs may lead to death, having an excess of Ayurvedic medicine may at most cause some discomfort, however, that does not mean one should have the medicines without advice from their doctors first! Always consult with doctors before taking medicines for any disease. Nowadays, because of digital transformation, you can consult online with doctors and take advice. Nirogam Ayurveda is one of the best ayurvedic treatment center which provides online consultation to the person seeking for ayurvedic treatments.

General sciences dictate that one tends to gain weight due to unhealthy life choices such as lack of sleep, lack of physical exercise, etc. All these factors combined together lead to fat accumulation in areas with least movement in the body. Since basic motor movement requires movements of hands and legs unknowingly to a certain degree, these regions are less likely to accumulate fat in the initial stage of weight gain, depending on the body type. Naturally, the pelvic and belly region of the body becomes the centre of fat accumulation. These fat tissue groups, block all channels in the digestive system causing even more weight gain

So if you are trying to keep your weight in check, Ayurvedic remedies can wonderfully boost your weight loss process. All herbs that increase metabolic rates in the body are helpful in cutting down fat. In fact, even common spices such as black pepper and ginger help in reducing fat levels in the body. Warm water helps in digestion as the inside of our stomachs produces heat, conversely drinking cold water slows down digestion and proper breaking down of fat in the food consumed.

Here are a few 100% natural, easy to use, organic remedies that can help you lose weight –

1. Lemon & Honey – 

The most popular and renowned remedy for weight loss is lemon – honey water. Both the ingredients are easily available at almost all households and can work wonders if taken on a daily basis. All you need to do is mix 2 tbsp of lemon juice with 1 tbsp of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and consume it in the morning on an empty stomach. This is going to reduce your appetite and also detox your body. Following this regime every morning for 30 days will surely help you reduce fat levels in your body.

2.Cabbage – 

Cabbage is one of the healthiest vegetables for weight loss. It increases the rate at which your body burns fat on an average day. Cabbage can also serve as a substitute for the unhealthy snacks which one consumes in the evening. Cabbage is more potent when consumed raw. Consuming cabbage salads and foodstuffs on a daily basis can help reduce quite some weight.

Cabbage is an exceptionally healthy food, as it has the lowest number of calories to nutrition ratio. Just half a cup has less than 20 calories but can deliver 50% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C, 100% of Vitamin K, B6, magnesium, calcium, potassium, etc.

3.Triphala – 

Triphala is one of the more reactive and stronger herbs used in Ayurved. Triphala helps in proper digestion, promotes healthy absorption of vitamins and minerals which helps in keeping the body nourished and detoxed at the same time. Eating powdered Triphala on a daily basis helps in detoxing of the body, it helps in cleaning of your blood vessels, liver, and stomach. It is recommended to take Triphala powder twice – on an empty stomach and before going to bed at night every day. Regular consumption of Triphala can help in significant weight loss.

4.Ginger, Garlic & Lemon – 

This combination of ginger, garlic and lemon is one of the most effective Ayurvedic medicines not only for weight loss but also for other problems including heart blocks, sinus, fatty liver, and high cholesterol. One can lose an enormous amount of weight by consuming the combination of these three ingredients. All you need to do is make a fine paste of garlic cloves (4), and ginger (a small piece) and add 2 tbsp of lemon juice to it. Take 4 glasses of water in a pan and boil till the water has a strong brownish yellow color. Consumer this water thrice a day for the best results.

5. Aloe Vera – 

Aloe vera is considered as a miraculous remedy for weight loss. It contains 75% of an active compound called acemannan. Acemannan is a complex carbohydrate which helps in absorbing nutrients by the cells and in turn detoxifies them. These compounds in aloe vera gel help to reduce weight. Having aloe vera juice on an empty stomach can boost metabolism. It is advised to not to eat anything for an hour after drinking aloe vera juice. You can mix a tablespoon of honey for a good taste. This is surely going to drain your excess body fat.

6.Ajwain / Carom Seeds – 

Noticeable changes can be witnessed when Ajwain is used on a regular basis for losing considerable weight. Ajwain is amazingly effective for weight loss as it corrects the metabolic disorders and keeps the stomach happy. Moreover, the presence of anti-toxicants in ajwain make it one of the best remedies for weight loss as it helps with cleansing of the body as well

To use ajwain for weight loss boil 2 tbsp ajwain with 2 glass water. Let the water get reduced to half. Consume this water on an empty stomach in the morning and also at night (before sleeping) for better results.

All these “remedies” have been proven to increase one’s metabolism and decrease fat accumulation throughout the body. However, like all medicines. These remedies must be treated like supplements and to ensure a healthy body, you must also lead a healthy lifestyle. Which comprises of proper and timely nutrition to your body, regular exercise, and proper sleep. There is no better medicine than a healthy lifestyle and self-care. With enough self-care supplemented with these Ayurvedic remedies, you can bid farewell to those unwanted kilos and maladies.

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