What Do You Need to Know Before Your First Visit to the Gynecologist?

What Do You Need to Know Before Your First Visit to the Gynecologist?

The first visit to the gynecologist is always an exciting event for a girl. But everything is not as scary as it might seem. This doesn’t differ from going to any other doctor. There is no special preparation that is required before consultation or examination with a gynecologist melbourne. You can simply note when the first menstruation started, when was your last, and what is your menstrual cycle.

Write down your questions for the gynecologist in order not to forget anything. Maybe you want to know how the breast begins to grow and possible painful sensations during their growth, what to expect from the first menstruation and how to prepare for it, or whether to worry about irregular periods during adolescence. There are no strange questions on this subject.

How not to worry before your first visit to the gynecologist?

When we do something for the first time, we are always a little worried. So your feelings are understandable. After all, all the girls go through this and nothing bad happens to them.

A gynecologist is the main doctor in a woman’s life and the first visit to this doctor should leave only favorable impressions. The first examination by a gynecologist should not cause any negative emotions, so you need to prepare for it both physically and psychologically. The examination of the gynecologist may be unpleasant, but it doesn’t hurt and it only takes a few minutes. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid of the examination.

How to prepare for the first examination?

Take a towel and socks for the examination (not at all clinics provide it). Take a shower in the morning. But don’t overdo with personal hygiene, the doctor should see the real situation. Shaving an intimate area is not necessary for the examination.

What happens at the first gynecologist visit?

The doctor will talk to you and ask you to take off your panties, put on clean socks and sit on the gynecological chair (after laying the towel on it)

The gynecologist examines the patient in disposable rubber gloves so that you can feel completely at ease. You also have the right to choose the type of examination. It can be a regular or gynecological one. But you must understand that the doctor will not be able to assess the situation without a full examination.

The gynecologist will take a smear on the vaginal flora during a gynecological examination. This analysis is necessary to distinguish ordinary discharge from infection or inflammation. The smear is applied to the glass and sent to the laboratory. Sometimes this procedure can cause a little discomfort but if you relax, everything will go easy and simple.

If your period has already begun, the most favorable time for a gynecologist’s examination will be the 5-7th day of the menstrual cycle.

Medical confidentiality and honesty

Whatever you discuss with the gynecologist (questions related to your body condition, intimate life or other sensitive topics) are all completely confidential. If you come for an examination with your mother, the doctor will most likely ask her to leave during a discussion of certain issues. Therefore, it’s better for you to be honest with the doctor, because any little thing can affect your health!

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