Orthodontists Melbourne reveals the worst food items for your oral health
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Orthodontists Melbourne reveals the worst food items for your oral health

Orthodontists Melbourne reveals the worst food items for your oral health

There is a famous saying that says we are what we eat. It certainly does sound quite amusing at first however if you consider it seriously then it is no far from the truth. Scientists and research studies based on this have suggested that the food that we eat, the diet we follow shape our mental and overall health. So if you right then you can feel yourself feeling happy mentally and of course feel healthy physically as well. How if the intake of the food we take is not right then it can result in some minor health problems or stress and the inability to focus on our everyday tasks. So you might wonder what is the right food and what is not? To identify whether the food you take already is healthy or not, we have checked with the best Orthodontists Melbourne to tell us what are the worst food items when it comes to oral health.

Unlike any other systems in our body, our oral health greatly depends on what we eat as the food particles enter through our mouth. If any harmful particles stick in your mouth then it can result in tooth decay, gums being rotten, and such others. The truth is oral health problems like tooth decay, weak gums, weak teeth, etc are result of bad food habits going for a long period of time which then creates a bigger problem. So first let us check the bad food to remove from your diet or reduce its intake.

1. Soda or carbonated drinks

There are more than one reason to practically not take soda in your food or drinks at all. The first one being that soda does include sugar and caffeine in it. Even if you go for the sugar-free or diet coke, it does include a good amount of sugar like ingredients. This makes the teeth and gums week from the surface. The teeth lose their enamel layer which makes it prone to any harmful particles that can stay on it for a longer period of time creating much worse problems for the future. The citric and phosphoric acid that comes in these soda-based coke drinks and hence if you drink them regularly then it causes tooth enamel eradication. One can notice the teeth discoloration as well as feel the loss of teeth strength. Hence try and avoid drinking such drinks regularly. If you want to drink then try adding it with some healthy meal by the side to minimize the effect of the soda on your teeth.

2. Coffee and tea.

Dear coffee lovers, we are sorry to say this but let us face the fact that caffeine is no good for health. Caffeine is included in coffee and tea to a great extent. Hence when we consume it on daily basis then it surely leads to teeth discoloration and loss of the enamel layer which as we discussed earlier results in losing the teeth’ strength. We understand that for anyone who drinks coffee or tea regularly is difficult to completely remove it from your diet. So we checked with Orthodontists Melbourne and came up with alternatives instead. For instance, if you drink black tea or black coffee then switch to milk tea or milk coffee. As by adding milk to the coffee or tea, you are reducing the effect of caffeine in your overall body. Hence when you consume it then it will have minimal effect on your oral health as well. Please do note, even having milk coffee or milk tea more times in a day is harmful for your oral health in the long run. Milk tea and coffee is not a complete remedy to the caffeine but it certainly is a good way to make sure that you can still enjoy your morning tea or coffee and not let it ruin your health. Try adding less sugar in your drinks too which leads us to our next worst food in our list.

3. Sugar and sugary products

Too much sugar is as good as poison. Usually, the food that we eat considers at least some amount of sugar in it which at the end of the day suffices our daily requirement of sugar intake. Hence by adding any more sugar in your diet through desert or beverage may create harm. The sugar amount is high in sports drinks, coke and soda drinks, beverages, cookies, cake, ice creams, chocolate, etc. As delicious and mouth-watering as these things sound, they are bad for our oral health. You can switch to sugar-free products. If you have a sweet tooth then you probably have to start by reducing the sugar intake and slowly as the time progresses then you will find yourself when you are not much interested in sweet products at all. So for you to reach that day, start small today and reduce the sugar in your diet. Your teeth and gums will surely thank you for this!

4. Pickles

You will not come across as many people craving pickles as they may do for the sweet chocolates however there is a large percent of the people that like to add pickle in whatever they eat. Orthodontist Melbourne has seen many patients that like to have a pickle on the side of their every meal. Well if you are one of these people then here is the truth, pickle are not good for your teeth. The sourness of the pickle comes from the acid it produces while the making of it. It is unavoidable to add that ingredient as it makes the base of the sour taste of the pickle. When you consume it then it targets your teeth and makes the layer on your teeth. It removes the healthy layer you have on your teeth which is also called enamel. Teeth enamel is there to protect your teeth and gums from harmful particles and keep it strong. However, if it wears off then your teeth become vulnerable to any harmful particles that come in your food and drink. Hence it is best suggested to not add pickle on every meal. It’s consumption one every now and then is still acceptable because we also love pickles!

5. Alcohol

Most people go for the rule that it is Friday and so it is time for drinks! Who doesn’t enjoy a good weekend with drinks and friends after all? But have you ever thought that the consumption of alcohol is not good for your oral health? If you are to take more alcohol on a regular basis then it dries out mouth which basically means that your mouth does not create much saliva as needed which is needed to keep your mouth healthy. Due to which, it creates tooth problems especially in the long run. So you can still enjoy your drinks but maybe let us just keep it for a few weekends only to keep our teeth and gums happy and healthy.

This was the shortlist of things you can avoid to keep your oral health strong. Orthodontist Melbourne of Gower St Family Dental Clinic has many more great suggestions for you and if you like to get some effective help then you can contact them here. Let us all gift our teeth a diet they deserve for w free confident smile!

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