Penetrating Keratoplasty- treatment for better vision
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Penetrating Keratoplasty- treatment for better vision

Penetrating Keratoplasty- treatment for better vision

Eyes are the most intricate organs of human body. This indispensible sense organ is a gift to human offering the opportunity to visualize the unparallel beauty of god’s creation. However, there are unfortunate people who have lost their eye sights from their birth or due to severe accident. There are certain ways to bring back your eye sight, though it’s a complicated process and needs skilled professionals.

What is Penetrating Keratoplasty?

Penetrating Keratoplasty or full thickness cornea transplant is the process to remove the damaged cornea tissue due to injury or because of severe health disorder. The damaged cornea distorts the light and causes blurred vision.
In fact, blindness caused worldwide is mainly because of damaged cornea or cornea eye disease. People affected with glaucoma, cataract, etc. often faces blindness due to cornea disease.

Why replacement of cornea is important?

Penetrating Keratoplasty becomes extremely essential when your eye sight becomes dull. It is always advised to take preventive care at the earliest by replacing cornea, while ignorance can lead to complete blindness which is non curable.

Damaged cornea can cause eye infection, eye disease, swelling, redness and some other rare complications, which can distort your vision.

What are advantages of Penetrating Keratoplasty?

Though there are minute chances of sight-threatening infection, yet most of the Penetrating Keratoplasty processes are successful if performed by skilled eye surgeons. In few cases improper treatment can lead to loss of vision. However, in 75% of the cases, people are offered with successful transplant, where they can see without glasses or lens.
However, better precaution can be taken if the patient stays under 18 months of observation or care. Hence, if you are affected with cornea damage and need a better vision then cornea transplant is the most effective method you can try out.

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