What Your North Vancouver Orthodontist Can Do For Adults

What Your North Vancouver Orthodontist Can Do For Adults

With so many people using Zoom and many other video conferencing tools, becoming conscious about appearance and repairing the incorrect smile. As a result, the orthodontics sector is booming. The orthodontics industry grew at 2.9% in 2020 due to the pandemic but is estimated to grow 17.2% by 2028.

Visiting your orthodontist North Vancouver can seem daunting, but they can do wonders for you. With over 75% of the city’s population being adults, the need for orthodontist services is in great demand. 

Here are the top services that a specialist in North Vancouver can provide for adults. Apart from aesthetics, this stream of dentistry also deals with malocclusion, which leads to severe oral health problems.


Tooth alignment is more than one’s appearance. Having teeth properly lined up helps you chew your food properly and maintain oral hygiene. Aligners are one way to make these corrections to your teeth. Your orthodontist in North Vancouver will fit custom-made aligners that help straighten your teeth and ensure better health.


Braces, like aligners, help push your teeth into proper alignment. They consist of brackets, wires, and bands and are very visible. They are pretty handy in correcting overbites, underbites, and gaps between teeth. Most adults may not prefer it, but you can go for them, given that everyone is behind masks nowadays.

Braces can be either metallic, ceramic, or lingual. Metallic braces are the most common, and ceramic braces are similar to the metal ones in make but blend in with your natural teeth due to their color. Lingual braces are metallic, but they are placed behind instead of in front of your teeth. It would be best to be careful with them directly touching your tongue.

Space Maintenance

While these are usually for children, adults may need space maintenance when missing teeth. The teeth tend to skew into the open space with these maintainers and become misaligned. The specialist will hold the teeth in place using bands until the missing tooth is replaced. 

Jaw Repositioning

Patients having temporomandibular joint disorder may have skewed jaws and need repositioning gear to push them in place. Your orthodontist will use an appliance called splints to move one or both jaws into the correct position.

Lip Bumpers

Lip bumpers help make room for the lower teeth. They help keep the lip and cheek away from the teeth to allow them to protrude naturally. You may need your molars pushed back or the front teeth to drift forward so that the lower teeth can grow correctly. With North Vancouver offering some of the best salmon, Dungeness crabs, and oysters in the world, you want your teeth to be perfect for enjoying these delicacies.


Post-braces and aligners, you will need retainers to ensure that the teeth hold their new positions. The retainers are a metal plate on the roof of your mouth or a plastic aligner across your teeth. They provide a snug fit over your teeth.


Patients having growth anomalies may need headgears to control the growth of their jaw. They consist of a strap around the head with wires attached to the front of your mouth.

Most people realize that they have an orthodontic problem when they enter adulthood. That is why over 20% of orthodontic patients are adults. Fortunately, an orthodontist in North Vancouver can provide the above services for adult patients. 

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