Why Youths Needs to Be Stronger?

Why Youths Needs to Be Stronger?

Youths are the most considerable and significant in any province to make their nation satisfactorily and improved. It is assumed that the province has a massive number of youths, makes the nation more prominent and relinked.

Today’s youth present their personality in front of the entire nation by infusing their time in innovative elements and by clearing their concerns with their own. But if we want our youth to do satisfactorily in their lives and make their entire attempt in the upbringing of their nation then we must take care of their education, training, and the opportunities given to them. Along with it don’t forget to empower them, energise them and give lessons on self-control, discipline and self-motivation too. The youth of the nation put their efforts and time to accomplish their goals but the deserving competitors don’t get their opportunity. This completely leads to a lack of career and leads the youth to numerous paths.

As we know, India is having a huge population which leads to so many things which we want to demolish from the country but to do so our youth has to take the responsibility to overcome the inequality and fight for the rights which everyone should have. Youths have the power to change the nation so we only have to encourage our teenagers time to time so that they bring the change into the nation and indulge in politics.

Knowledge and unity speak a lot rather than experience. As we know the rape cases were heightening day by day. These were done only by the illiterate young people. In the Nirbhaya case, every single person comes together in Delhi for justice for that girl. This implies the unity of the youth can do everything at any cost. If the ruling power is given to the youth then the rape cases, crimes everything will go down with a sudden.

Education programs should aim to teach the young mind to choose the right candidate for their country who leads the nation to a new hype.

Our nation needs to solve the problems which we are confronting and these were solved by the youths barely. Youths are eligible to solve these difficulties but they only crave an opportunity to prove themselves. Racism is an on-going issue in the world for which every single person is fighting, everyone around this universe is fighting with each other based on their complexion; youth can convince the people around them to strengthen the love and respect for each other, and every person around them. There are many crimes which are confronted with normal peoples in their daily lives but they cannot get justice. In India, People are judged based on their religion, complexion, and many other reasons; the youth can confront these situations. Women were killed by their family members but no one can speak in these criminal matters.

Youths can face any issues and challenges. They can teach people to do positive things in their life. They teach young people who are destroying their future and make them good human beings. The role of youth empowerment in building up the nation is very crucial. They are a problem solver and inspire young people to do great in their life and bring a good change to themselves.

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