How to Disinfect Wood Furniture
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How to Disinfect Wood Furniture

How to Disinfect Wood Furniture

Hello fellas!!! Hope you all are safe, healthy and happy with your loved ones in your home.

The year 2020 was challenging for all of us and now we all know that how much cleaning and disinfecting everything is important for our health. The fitness and immunity is important as well.

Home and office are two most important places where we need more care and more cleaning of every little thing instead of any other place. Home and office are two most important places where we need more care and more cleaning of every little thing instead of any other place. Bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, patio every place require cleaning and disinfection process once in every month. Especially kitchen and dining room needs extra cleaning rather than any place.

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What we eat is directly proportional to our health. So, it is always important to eat healthy stuff for good health and immunity. Veggies , fruits and other eatable stuff can be easily cleaned by proper washing but what about the places where we sit and eat all these delicious stuff ?

I know you are confused a little bit confused with my question. But if you think in right direction, you will definitely get my point. Yes, you are thinking in right direction, that cleaning the dining table and kitchen island is as much important as anything eatable stuff as well. As per the WHO guidelines, Covid-19 virus can be live up to 4-5 days on wooden surfaces and other surfaces like metal and stone too. So it is basically one of the most concerned topic for all of us. We all should know about the disinfection methods of wooden furniture to stop the spreading the infection.

Nowadays, we all have wood dining tables in our dining area. Square, rectangle and round dining room tables are our common choices for dining space. It is totally depends on the number of people and available space in the dining room.

Today, we learn about how to disinfect the wood furniture especially the dining tables, as when we are eating , we all are directly in contact of dining table, so it should be clean, germ-free and disinfected first, instead of any other furniture unit in the home.

So let’s get started the disinfecting methods of wood furniture and wood dining tables:

1)Disinfect with spray-on disinfectors:

The popular and safe way to clean wood dining tables and other wooden surfaces is market based disinfector spray-on. It has good amount of cleaning and disinfection properties, that can make your beautiful square, rectangular and round dining room tables safe and clean.

There are lots of brands of spray-on disinfectors available in the markets and online stores. You can choose any as per your choice and demands.

2)DIY Vinegar and soap disinfectors:

Yes, you read it right! You can also make your own disinfector at your home easily. Take 1 litre of water, 10tbsp of vinegar, 5 tbsp of dishwashing liquid soap, mix all these ingredients well and voila!! Your own homemade disinfector is ready to use .

You can easily use it to disinfect your beautiful wood dining table, your kitchen island and other table tops as well. This will take hardly 5-10 minutes to make this amazing disinfector for your wooden surfaces . Try this method, you will not regret to use this amazing and easy to use DIY product on your wooden round dining room table and on other furniture units as well.

3)Disinfect with alcohol and water:

You can disinfect the wooden surfaces and wooden furniture with the mixture of rubbing alcohol ( isopropyl) and water . Just make sure that quantity of water should always be double of the alcohol. You can easily sanitise the wooden surfaces with this perfect mixture of disinfector.

4)Disinfect with bleaching powder:

Mix 10 -15 grams of bleaching powder in one litre of water and spray this amazing disinfector on your wooden dining tables and other wooden furniture as well. It will kill all the germs from the surfaces and make them clean and germs free.

5)Disinfect with warm water:

You can make disinfecting process easy by just only wiping off the wooden round dining tables with damp cloth of warm water. It will be easy, quick and best for regular sanitizing of the wooden dining tables.

Disinfecting is important, no matter what methods we are using for our safety. All these methods are easy , quick and perfect to make wood furniture germ and infection free.

You can use any method as per your convenience and availability of products. But friends, make sure you should disinfect the wood dining tables and other furniture units for stop the spreading of infection and germs. Always remember health is wealth. If you want to buy clean wood furniture Quarles furniture store in Springfield best in town.

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