Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Properties That Can Improve Your Business
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Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Properties That Can Improve Your Business

Landscaping Ideas for Commercial Properties That Can Improve Your Business

For your business to be successful, you have to ensure that it is properly set up, that you offer quality products and/or services and that you market it in the right way. However, if you have a physical location, you also have to think about the way it looks. Apart from the interior, the curb appeal also plays a big role in attracting potential customers. This is why you should come up with a few landscaping designs that will look inviting and help improve your business. In case you are running low on ideas, take a look below for some inspiration.

Color coordinate with your brand colors

A simple approach to landscaping involves adding some plants in front of your property. Of course, you need to think of the best way how it will attract attention to itself and your business. One idea is to plant flowers that will match your brand colors. For example, if your logo is red, red flowers will draw the eye even more. On the other hand, you can also use contrasting colors. Why not plant yellow or orange flowers if your logo is blue? Plus, creating an interesting pattern or having plants of various heights will be eye-catching as well. However, it’s important to keep in mind the needs of the plants in question. Make sure they are getting enough sun and water and that the environment is right for them. A well-maintained landscape will show people that you care about your store and the planet and make them more comfortable when doing business with you.

Be eco-friendly

Be eco-friendly

Seeing as how people like businesses that are thinking about the environment, you should also consider making the outdoor areas of your property eco-friendly as well. Adding as many green spaces as you can will help lessen your carbon footprint and contribute to the state of the planet. Look into ways of conserving water by installing smart irrigation technology or finding plants that thrive in dry climates and don’t need too much water. Moreover, if you plan your landscaping design properly, you can also cut your heating and cooling costs. For example, tall and deciduous trees can provide you with shade during the summer while they also allow sunlight to reach your premises in winter. Then, you can also plant some windbreaks that will direct the wind up and over your building so that you can avoid the worst of the cold gusts of wind and still spend time outdoors. Other features you could add include solar lighting options or even outdoors working stations that are powered by the sun so that both your employees and visitors can utilize the outside space to the max.

Look for a way to highlight the architecture

In case your business is located in a commercial property that has a unique look, you need to make that work for you. You should consult with commercial landscape maintenance professionals who can advise you on how to improve your curb appeal while still highlighting the architectural features of the building. This can be achieved in many ways – for example, by having an entrance that is both subdued and one-of-a-kind. Experts in this field will know how to approach a task such as this one and come up with a design that will allow the building to remain the focal point. They can make the entrance area match the style of the whole property and not stick out while leaving a great first impression that will invite potential customers inside. On the other hand, if the building is not in a stellar condition, these experts might decide to implement a green roof or a living wall to still be eco-friendly and attract attention.

Picture1Think about the hardscape as well

In addition to the softscape elements, landscaping also includes hardscape. That means that you should also pay attention to everything from the driveway and paths to the fences and benches that are located around your property. You want to clearly define where the entrance is, both when it comes to foot and car traffic. Mark it with curb cuts, pavement markings and plants and make the directions to your parking area easy to follow. Make sure the materials you choose for the pathways are high-quality and not easily damaged as well as textured and colored in an appropriate manner so that the navigation is easy. Furthermore, make the entrance wheelchair-accessible and add railings to your stairs if you have any. Light the entry point as well by adding some recessed floor and step lights to prevent incidents. Other than practicality, hardscape can also be used to boost the visual appeal of your space so think about adding some water features like fountains or creating an area with a unique feature wall or a statement tile that will catch everyone’s eye.

If you’re looking to improve your business by implementing some new landscaping designs, you’ll be glad to hear that the options abound. The above-mentioned four are just some that you can take as inspiration and further build upon. Consider making your space eco-friendly, highlight the architecture, turn to pops of color and don’t forget about the hardscaping aspect.

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