10 Best Interior Designing Trends You Must Know
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10 Best Interior Designing Trends You Must Know

10 Best Interior Designing Trends You Must Know

As the world around us changes dramatically, so are the trends in interior designing. The year 2020 has been one of transformation with the pandemic forcing many to reconsider their approach to life. And this has certainly affected the way they want to design their homes. What ruled in 2019 will not continue in 2020. And the new trends that have emerged in 2020 will continue to gain prominence in 2021.

So, let us check out the ten best interior design trends as noted by the expert interior design studio in London.

Grey is out. Blue is in.

We are fascinated with the grey colour so much that we just couldn’t think of any other colour apart from grey. From our walls to our upholstery, we paint everything grey. But all that has changed recently. Enter the new colour on the horizon — blue.  Blue is the latest trend that has kept interior designers busy in 2020 and would continue to rule the interior design studios in 2021. The classic blue has been the real game-changer due to its elegant, clean and uplifting look and feel. This colour works perfectly well for the modern living room and fits perfectly with almost any colour combination.

Pink is the colour of millennials.

When you were about ten years old or so, you must have dreamt of a room filled with pink. And then you grew up.  Now, things have changed quite dramatically.  Yes, the candy colour is back in fashion and is growing to become a trend in 2020. But you need to keep a few pointers in mind to get the most out of this colour.

Firstly, stay away from any shade that triggers the image of Barbie’s home. Hot pink is an absolute no-no. Opt for more sober and subtle shades that would easily fit into the background without demanding any attention. Muted pinks, blush tones and matt finish are the right choices in the pink colour. Your interiors would look charming and beautiful.

Textures speak volumes.

The new trends are not just about the colour. This year has observed more interest in the kind of texture that is being used to decorate the interior upholstery. Some people like even textures across all rooms, while others love a healthy mix of the right textures to fill the space.

The texture also depends on the colour you use. If you want neutral colours, then you have to keep the texture the same so that the colours get divided evenly across the house. If you want several colours, then you can play with different textures depending on the colour that suits the texture and the space where it is going to be used.

Use tranquil hues.

Hues will rule the interior design trends this year. Hues or shades are so powerful and versatile that they can provide several outcomes for different colour combinations. And people are ready to experiment more and more with various shades and hues of different colours.

People prefer lighter and neutral hues for their living room and bright and vibrant shades for their bedrooms. You can mix your vibrant colours and make different hues as per your taste. Agencies for interior design are actively using different hues to add life and character to their interior design.

Concealed kitchens for the minimalists!

The idea of disguising your pantry behind that integrated cabinet door or integrating the fridge into your kitchen unit is pure genius. Yes, these concealed kitchens have slowly become a trend, thanks to the small spaces and shortage or any storage areas. So, you can now consider concealing your entire kitchen to use the space in the most optimum way.

Minimalist kitchens are finding great popularity among the urban populace, who live in smaller living spaces with limited storage and kitchen spaces. A concealed kitchen allows them some more quality space to use when not cooking. So, now you can make your cabinets disappear and even out your surfaces when not cooking.

Traditional prints are back.

Traditional prints or chintz are certainly making a comeback this year. Those printed multicoloured cotton fabrics that dotted our upholstery and curtains when we were children have certainly stood the test of time. People moved on to various fancy fabrics textures but gradually realised that the best fabric is the chintz that adds a surreal quality to their homes. Now chintz is making an even greater statement with contemporary design elements that give it a new lease of life.

Sustainable interior design for the planet!

Interior design in London is experiencing a drastic change with people looking for more environment-friendly and sustainable design options for their homes. Nowadays, people have become more conscious about what material is used to build their home or where does the material comes from.

People want the materials to be sustainably sourced, such as bamboo or timber, which have a comparatively lower environmental footprint. Another way to boost sustainability is by sourcing your furniture locally or using products made of recycled materials like rugs made of leftover plastic bottles or tables made from metal drums etc.

The home bar is where your heart is.

The home bar has become an interior design trend, especially in this post-lockdown era. Though you may be enjoying your drinks mostly indoors during this period, the moveable home bar certainly gives you the flexibility to shift your bar to the favorite corner of your house. You can opt for moveable bar carts, neon lights, and cocktail chairs to add that zing to your bar counter.

Dual-tone kitchen for that pop of colour!

The era of the white kitchen is passé. Colour is finding its place back in the modern kitchen. And it is not just one kitchen tone that people prefer. It is a dual colour kitchen that people are starting to like most.

It has been observed that more and more people prefer to experiment with vibrant colours for their kitchen — with many mostly going for dark colours for lower regions and lighter shades for top or higher parts of the kitchen.

Maximalism has its place.

Though the world is embracing minimalist designs, there are still certain sections that seek the need for maximalism. Yes, there is a rising percentage of individuals who wish to add flamboyance and extravaganza to their decor. They seek bold and mismatched colour combinations and elegant pieces of royal furniture to adore their vast living and bedroom spaces. Maximalism is certainly catching up as a trend and would surely remain so in 2021.

These are the ten best interior design trends that one should know about. These trends are on the rise and will continue to rule in 2021 as well. The year 2020 may have been a whitewash for interior designers, but 2021 holds great promise as people will venture out to decorate their homes with renewed vigor after the pandemic subsides.

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