Is All Conflict Bad In A Marriage: Experts Talk
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Is All Conflict Bad In A Marriage: Experts Talk

Is All Conflict Bad In A Marriage: Experts Talk

People say their relationship stinks and is no more sustainable, they seem to throw their anger on their spouse that tends to mess up everything in their marital connection. Either one married through free-choice or agreed with the decision of their parents, couples experience conflict bad. 

Studies show conflicts are actually good, except negative one.

We are taught to avoid conflicts particularly in a relationship, women are programmed to win the situation through emotional tricks. On the other hand, men have learned to win the situation by trying to dominate the situation. Both have different ways to fix the situation. Along with high Punjabi marriages, our society teaches us to be more cultured and respectful with your partner. 

So… fighting is bad right?

The question which stocks you at the moment is that all conflicts are bad? 

The answer is quite surprising,…Nope. It all depends on the kind of reason for the fight, the timing of conflict, mood of yours, and your partner.

Yes it is so true, thinking about winning and losing doesn’t matter when it comes to marriage – but let’s be honest—we all do. And totally consider who won or lost the battle? 

Do experts come with regular studies on how to mediate the conflicts? How to live with it? How to stop it? at the same time, they also come with How to show love while managing the conflicts? 

First, never avoid conflicts or curse yourself to have a conflict. Experts from matrimonial Chandigarh suggest conflicts help us to our issues in front of your partner and gives your partner a better sense of what is your current condition. Battles let both of you discover more, mention each and every detail also let you understand deeply about your partner. Creating a sense of understanding through conflict is like putting ice on the cake. 

But the truth is that conflict occurs. Oftentimes. Sometimes silently. Sometimes so loudly, and very abruptly, and then other people HAVE to arbitrate to compromise the fight. So when is conflict satisfying or useful? And when is it so bad that someone obliged to intervene? 

That is why our culture is blessed with the blessing of our ancestors, and the pureness of culture teaches us a lot. In the family of Punjabi’s in India, Punjabi marriages are being celebrated in such a loving manner with the full support of family members. By chance, if any conflicts take place within the couples are quickly compromised with the teachings of their family members. 

Finally, and this is an essential one, try to SOLVE the root of the conflict. Call for a meeting to talk it out. Go to a marriage expert and have them help you two to discuss it out. Don’t resort to screaming, yelling, and worse… and then finish up terribly pathetic than you started. Yes, this is hard. We know asking for help is like admitting fault. But it is worth it! (YOU are worth it).

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