World’s largest cricket stadium inaugurate by Donald Trump in Ahmedabad

World’s largest cricket stadium inaugurate by Donald Trump in Ahmedabad

Donald J. Trump is the 45th leader of the United States. Prior to entering into politics, he was a TV personality and businessman. Trump started its political journey in 2016 presidential race as a Republican and beaten 16 different primaries. His political positions have been depicted as protectionist,populist, and nationalist. Regardless of not being supported in many estimates, he was chosen over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, in spite of the fact that he lost the well-known vote. He turned into the older first-term U.S. president, and the first without earlier government and military services.

This is a list of trips made by Donald J. Trump, the 45th and current leader of the USA. Donald Trump has made 18 worldwide visits to 23 nations and furthermore the West Bank, since he joined as the President on January 20, 2017. The quantity of visits per nation where he visited are:

  • One visit to: Argentina, Afghanistan, China, Canada, Finland, Israel, Iraq, North Korea, Poland, Philippines, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Vatican City and the West Bank.
  • Two visits to: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, South Korea and Vietnam.
  • Three visits to: The United Kingdom and Japan.
  • Four visits to: France.

Donald Trump  Visit  India to inaugurate  Worlds Largest Cricket Stadium


Making his first official visit to the world’s biggest majority rule government, Trump is likewise expected to visit the humble abode of India’s autonomy saint Mahatma Gandhi in Ahmedabad. The pioneers of nations like Israel, Japan, and China have all visited Ahmedabad, India since Mr. Narendra Modi became the Prime minister of India. It is the greatest city in Gujarat, the western state where Modi made his imprint as chief minister before his Hindu nationalist party cleared to control in 2014.

Donald J. Trump the current President of the USA during its visits to India, will inaugurate the world’s biggest cricket ground on coming Monday (i.e. 24th February, 2020) as he lands in Ahmedabad, the command post of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, toward the beginning of a two-day visit planned for smoothing ties stressed in terms of professional career questions.

The new Sardar Patel Stadium in the Indian city of Ahmedabad is approaching the finish of development, with US President Donald Trump apparently being arranged to help inaugurate what will be the world’s biggest cricket venue.

The 110K seat arena has been under development since January 2017 after the old Sardar Patel arena, with a seating limit of 53K, was demolished in 2015. It was accounted for a month ago that the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) had presented a solicitation to the ICC (International Cricket Council) to authorize a presentation coordinate between agent groups of Asia and the Rest of the World in March, an occasion that would formally open the new arena.

However, the Times of India paper, referring to enter authorities in the Indian government, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Trump will probably inaugurate the arena together during the President’s up and coming state visit to India.

When complete it is set to usurp MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground), which has a seating limit of 95K, as the world’s greatest cricket ground. Eden Gardens in Kolkata is as of now India’s biggest cricket ground with a limit of 62K seats.

The new ground, imagined recently, will have 75 corporate boxes, four-group dressing areas and related offices, a cutting-edge clubhouse and an Olympic-size pool. It will likewise be associated with Ahmadabad’s metro rail framework.

There has been a lot of buzz going around Trump’s visit to India. There are a lot of things that people are anticipating during his visit, but we will know once he lands that what plans he has in its mind for the visit.

Alongside a security vehicle, which would be a piece of President Trump’s parade during his 22-km-long road show, the airplane is found out to have acquired other security gear also.

Something About Warming welcome Trump to India


  • Gujarat to spend Rs 80 crores (0.08 billion ) for Donald Trump’s 3-hour visit to Ahmedabad: Report.
  • 12,000+ police officers are expected to be deployed for the visit.
  • Eighteen streets of around 20 kilometers (12 miles) long from Ahmedabad Airport to Motera Stadium have been extended or re-laid,” Nehra stated, including that the upgrades had been arranged before Trump’s visit was affirmed.
  • More than 2-layered security arrangement with due assistance from the central armed police forces,” the police chief added.
  • Expert sharpshooters of the Delhi Police and National Security Guards will be positioned on elevated structures close to the inn.

Trump Agenda of India Trip  24 Feb 2020 – 25 Feb 2020

President Trump will be on a two-day in  India from February 24-25. On February 24, the US president will address a mega “Namaste Trump” occasion with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the world’s biggest cricket arena in Gujarat.

The president and First Lady will later travel to Agra for night visit to Taj Mahal.

Trump may likewise visit the renowned Taj Mahal landmark in the city of Agra, and all cops in that city has been in the service of its security, as per a document released by Reuters.


On Tuesday morning, he will partake in an open-press invite function at Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi.


He will likewise visit Mahatma Gandhi’s remembrance Raj Ghat after the public interview.

Afterward, he will make a beeline for Hyderabad House for two-sided gatherings and lunch. Trump will return to Washington DC on Tuesday 10 pm.

The US President’s legitimate extraordinarily structured vehicle is ‘The Beast’.


Here is all you have to think about the president Car:

Make – Cadillac

Class – Armored Limousine

Appeared – September 24, 2018


The windows of the vehicle are made of five layers of glass and polycarbonate. The windows are multi-layered and five inches (130 mm) thick, and each door—believed to weigh as much as those on the Boeing 757—can electrify its handles to prevent entry.

Barrier and assurance:

The vehicle had covered siphon activity shotguns, nerve gas guns, and blood packs for the US President. The carboot has Tear gas, firefighting framework, smoke screen gadgets.

Body and tires:

Five-inch thick military evaluation covering produced using mix material like steel, titanium, aluminum and earthenware production. The vehicle’s front has nerve gas projectile launchers and night vision cameras. The undercarriage has fortified steel plates that secures the vehicle against bombs, mines. The tires are kevlar-fortified, steel edges, shred and cut safe. The vehicle can escape even with burst tires.


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