Top 5 Eco-Friendly Takeaway Food Packaging Items

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Takeaway Food Packaging Items

Nowadays, consumers are more aware of the impact plastic and metal packaging has on the environment. Conventional food packing supplies have occupied our landfills for decades with a few more to go before they decompose. That’s why many businesses are doing their part in changing the system and are making the use of eco-friendly packaging the new normal. Not only does it reduce their carbon footprint but it also allows them to appeal to a broad market and promote a new brand philosophy. If you’re looking to join the fold and are searching for alternative food packaging, here are the top-five nature-friendly takeaway food packaging items you should try.

1. Kraft paper

Also known as butcher paper or brown paper, it derives its name from the German word Kraft, pertaining to resistance, strength and effectiveness. And while it can be used for crafting, Kraft paper actually makes for a better eco-friendly takeaway food packaging rather than being used in scrapbooking. Kraft paper is made of wood pulp, hence, the coarse and brown in colour. Because the materials used to make these food packaging are mostly plant-based, they are very friendly to the environment. These types of green food packaging are also recyclable and compostable, making it an appealing choice, especially to environmentalists.

Your business can also benefit from using Kraft paper as they are typically cheaper than conventional packaging because they use less machineries to produce these food packaging supplies. The money you save from packaging items can be used for expansion or exploring new recipes.

2. Cornstarch-based packaging.

Cornstarch-based packaging is made out of corn and maize plants. For the uninitiated, these eco-friendly takeaway food packaging is biodegradable making it a product critical when it comes to environment conservation. That said, proper disposal of these food packages are important to ensure that they decompose properly.

When done correctly, the compounds in cornstarch packaging will break down into carbon dioxide and water, which cause no harm to the environment. These food packaging supplies are cheap, sustainable, and easy to produce; hence, they are perfect for companies and businesses with a wide variety of food products. You can find a slew of companies that produce cornstarch-based food packaging making them easily available to most companies – like yours.

3. Recycled cardboard and paper.

Cardboard and paper are organic environment-friendly products. They can be recycled and repurposed into other things – like food packaging products. They are some of the most recyclable materials available. Many companies are selling recycled cardboard and paper packaging allowing businesses, like yours, to choose from a wide variety of manufacturers and products that fit your line of food items.

Recycling has always been a great way to help the environment because you’re reducing the need for cutting down trees to make paper products. By patronizing recycled food packaging products, there will be one less company contributing to the spread of global warming because of cut trees.

4. Sugarcane packaging.

A rather new innovation in sustainable food packaging, sugarcane packaging products are made from renewable sources, typically from dried sugarcane stalks making them 100% compostable and biodegradable. Not only are these food packaging products safe for the planet but are also safe containers for your food products.

What’s more, sugarcane packaging can be kept in the refrigerator or freezer and can withstand a good amount of heat which makes them durable and reliable food containers. Because of its durability, they’re perfect for a wide variety of foods that may be perfect for your business, especially for rice dishes.

5. Paper bags.

Paper bags are arguably the least expensive and the most basic eco-friendly takeaway food packaging in this list. They can be made from both recycled paper and paper from renewable resources making it a great choice for companies that are looking for inexpensive food packaging materials.

And while paper take out bags are great for dried food, they don’t work as good with wet and oily food products. Greasy food tends to leak and rip paper bags open so make sure you use these eco-friendly food packaging items accordingly or else, you will have customers coming back not for good packaging quality.


Green packaging, eco-friendly packaging, or sustainable packaging, whatever name you call it, makes for great alternatives for traditional plastic materials. Most of them are organic and usually do not affect the quality of the food contained in them. They are great for takeaways or take outs because most of them are sturdy as long as you use them in the right food variety.

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