Product Photography Services
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Product Photography Services

Product Photography Services

Simple Guide About Product Photography Services

Product photography services deal with the creative work involved in photography used to represent any product to the public in order to make it more attractive. Product photography is the tool which is used for marketing of the product in order to enhance its sales. Its various applications involve posters, banners, brochures, catalogs, etc. that are used in advertising.

Product Photography

Types Of Product Photography Services

Varied types of services are provided based on the requirements which are as follows:

  • Standard Services: These services are the basic requirements which build the base of the photography of any product concerned. The various services that are provided under this category include:
  •  Tabletop Product Photography: The products that are photographed in this category generally fit onto the top of the table which has a size of around 4’ by 4’ and weighs less than 50 pounds. Heavier and Larger products need some special type of equipment, resources and even more space.
  • Image Editing:Image editing process is needed in order to enhance the product effect. Various parameters that are included in the standard editing are tone adjustment, shadow removal, cropping, vertical and horizontal alignment, etc.
  • Composite Image Creation:These types of images are also called as the Montage images. Composites are created by taking individual photographs of various items lying on the table instead of taking a group photograph and layering them one above the other to enhance the effect. The editing of the individual photos and compiling is easier than editing complete group image.
  • Finishing:This part of service includes formatting, watermarking and delivery.Formatting: Formatting process of the photograph depends on the size of the photography that is needed and the final pixel requirement of the product; Watermarking: The process of watermarking includes application of a transparent overlay on the image. It is either placed on the top or bottom, right of left corners, where they do not interfere with that main photograph. This watermarking helps to protect the investment from theft; Delivery: This includes providing the final image to the owner directly on the server for their use.

Additional Services

These are some specialized services added to the standard services:

  • Platform Photography:It is a type of the tabletop photography wherein the product is much larger and heavier. It needs the cameras which have wider angles, larger lighting equipment, bigger stands for cameras and lights, etc.
  • Apparel Photography: This includes taking photographs of various types of clothes which are arranged properly on the mannequins.
  • Food photography:As the name suggests, this type of product photography aims at the photography of food items. More care and perfection is needed in this type of product photography. The special requirements while taking these photographs include fresh stock of food material, the sets of kitchen or dining table. Photographs can also be taken while the food is being cooked.
  • Group Photography:This includes the image like a complete range of product for a particular brand.
  • Data collection:It includes details like product weight, dimensions, etc.

Advanced Services

This type of service has sophisticated requirements. These may include full-service studio or specialized studio. The various advanced photography options include 360 product photography, in which the camera is adjusted such that image is taken at each angle; 3D product photography, which helps to take photography is multiple axes; Lifestyle Photography and Onsite Photography.

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