3 Best Countries to Own Investment Property 2019/2020
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3 Best Countries to Own Investment Property 2019/2020

3 Best Countries to Own Investment Property 2019/2020

Owning property is, and has always been, an excellent way to make some money on the side. First of all, it’s an asset that only grows in value in basically every country in the world, with very few exceptions (looking at you Japan). Second, it’s an amazing piece of security, where you can basically sell it whenever you want if you need the cash. Finally, it’s an asset that practically pays for itself, since you can slowly pay of any loan or debt you have on it through rent money. Going international can help you improve on all of these benefits.

Buying property abroad means you get a property for a much cheaper, lower rate than you would in, let’s say, America or Australia. Furthermore, you get a vacation home in a foreign country, so you got that benefits going for you as well. The article below deal with the real estate market on a global level, and we have taken the liberty of listing out the best country to own investment property in the current and following year.


Brazil is a huge country with a very varied property market. However, if you want to get the best result, we warmly recommend you check out the Fortaleza area. This place is one of the top destinations for tourists, with amazing yields during the holidays. Visitors from all around the world visit this area and check out Brazil and its wonder.

Furthermore, investing in a beachfront property is always the best possible option for people. One of the main draws of Brazil, of course, is the beach, the sun, the water. Volleyball on the sand, surfing, and a cup of coffee near the beach is all you need in life.

As far as the economy is concerned, it’s pretty stable, with its currency being weak but static when compared to the American dollar.



Bali is the place to go if you want to get good real-estate options. This gorgeous little island is on the rise in terms of its real-estate market. First of all, the place is a huge draw for things like surfing, relaxing, and just enjoying the amazing beaches and natural environment. Owning property here and renting it out via Airbnb is an amazing opportunity.

Now, if you want to find good high-quality Bali real estate, you should know that the country’s legal framework is there to make it convenient for expats and foreigners to buy land. Rules that govern Right of Use, LeaseHold, Right to Build, and Right to Own are all part of their legislature. Though we do advise you get advice from a lawyer if you want to be one hundred percent safe and certain.

Now, as far as locations are concerned, one of the first to keep an eye out for is Seminyak. This area is very expensive, but it’s also full of nightlife, parties, foodie culture, and generally living the highlife. Ubud is also a must see. Its quitter, development is slow, but it’s affordable, and absolutely gorgeous. The tropics are alive and well in Ubud, and you won’t go wrong if you choose this area.



France is where you want to go with real estate if you want to get high-value, long term property. This is an investment that can give you nice yields for years. Prices do go up, and they do go down, but In general real estate is strong, and very, very affordable in the long term.

Paris is beautiful, historic, it’s a country where a couple of hours drive can get you to a beach, or beautiful wineries, or crazy, urban parties. It’s a place of culture, of history, and of beauty. Buy a nice plot of land in the country, or maybe go to the cities and see what they have to offer.

Now, what makes France special and definitely deserve a place on this list is the fact that you are eligible for in-country financing. It’s pretty rare that on the global market there are countries that allow foreigners to actually borrow money and finance a property. Namely, interest rates for foreigners are very low, less than 2%. This is unprecedented, and is a deal you shouldn’t miss out.

So, it is expensive, of course, but if you can afford the initial cost, you will get a piece of property that will be valuable and useful for years, real-estate that you can’t miss out on.


And there you have it folks, the places around the world you should own property in. Whether its beautiful and historic France, or exotic and gorgeous Brazil, you can stay certain that you will get your money’s worth once you invest in property in these places. Just remember to obey the local laws, stick to their bureaucracies, maybe invest in a local real-estate company or attorney, and get things going!

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