Best NH Counties for Big Families

Best NH Counties for Big Families

New Hampshire is a very popular moving destination among families. Especially big families because homes in New Hampshire are mostly big and their prices aren’t going to make you faint. Plus, NH is a very lovely state for families. There are plenty of things to see and do but there are also plenty of places where you can just relax and forget about everything. This is a very clean state with a lot of nature and greenery. It is also very safe and the lifestyle is very laid back. This is something even young people are searching for nowadays. If you’re interested in moving to NH, you must know more about the best NH counties for big families. We did a lot of research so you don’t have to do it yourself.

A little bit about New Hampshire

Before we tell you about the best NH counties for big families, you must hear something about NH itself. This state has 10 counties. New Hampshire is the 5th smallest state by area. And it is also the 10th least populous U.S. state but this is something that is going to change soon because of so many people who are moving to NH. Concord is the capital of New Hampshire but it isn’t the largest city. Manchester is the largest city in New Hampshire.

What many people love about this state is the weather. The weather in NH is one of its best qualities. It has warm, humid summers, and long, cold, and snowy winters. This means that you can enjoy both the mountains in the winter and beaches in the summer. NH is one of a few states in the country that experiences all four seasons.


A view of the mountains.

Coös County

If you’re a fan of colder weather, mountains, and nature, living in Coös County is for you. This is a county located in the North part of the state. It borders Canada. The only city in Coös County is Berlin. A mountain range covering about a quarter of the state of New Hampshire is The White Mountains. The highest peak in the Northeastern U.S. is located on this mountain and it goes by the name of Mount Washington. There’s also plenty of nature here. Forests are very dense and a lot of them are a part of a national park. A lot of retirees move here with Preferred Movers North Hampton for nature.

This is a county with not a lot of residents. This is what makes this county one of the best NH counties for big families. You’ll be able to find a nice, big home somewhere near the mountains and live peacefully. What’s even better is that homes here don’t cost a lot of money. You’ll be able to find a lovely home for your whole family in this county. This county also has great schools so if you are moving with children, you don’t have to worry whether they’ll be able to get a good education. What is best about this county is that even if you have to organize a last-minute move, you will easily be able to find a perfect home even for rent because this is still not a place where a lot of people move to.


A house in Coos County which is one of the best NH counties for big families.

Hillsborough County

Hillsborough County is also one of the best NH counties for big families. It is a county in the south of the state. The largest city is Manchester by population and Weare by area. It is considered one of the best NH counties to live in because it has everything you need. Great schools, amazing homes, a lovely sense of community. Living here is amazing and this is the state where everyone moves to. Young people, big families, retirees. This is truly a county in NH that has it all. There’s plenty of lovely towns in Hillsborough, such as:

  • Bedford
  • Amherst
  • Hollis
  • Brookline
  • Peterborough
  • Nahua.

Amherst is the one that people see as the most family-friendly town. It has just around 12,000 residents which means that it is a small town. But even though it is small, it has everything you need and all of it is amazing. A+ public schools, safety, jobs, homes, outdoor activities. Everything here is amazing. The only con I’d mention is the fact that this city isn’t very diverse. It’s nothing personal, just not a lot of people of other ethnicities live here. But that would be the only thing. You should know also that Hillsborough County relocation assistance for your needs is always available and they’ll gladly help you relocate.


Hillsborough nature.

Rockingham County – the last on our list of the best NH counties for big families

Last but not least would be the Rockingham County aka the only NH county that has beaches. The border is just a few miles long which means that this is the shortest ocean coastline of any state in the nation. This means that if you live here, you can spend a lot of the time by the beach during the summer. This is amazing for families as beaches are very fun and everyone loves them.

The largest town is Derry and living in Derry is amazing. It is a very charming town with great homes. People here love spending time outside with their families. They are all very friendly and welcoming and living here is going to be very refreshing if you used to live in a big city. You can easily move here because there’s plenty of homes available. Before you move to NH, I suggest learning a bit more about life in New Hampshire.

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