All You Need To Know About Carrara Marble Worktops

All You Need To Know About Carrara Marble Worktops

Buying a worktop from a big brand like Carrara means it will come with a solid warranty to get you peace of mind. But you also need to be aware of the different facts about Carrara marble before making the buying decision.

Carrara marble is a timeless and beloved material for years. It adds a unique luxury touch to any room. But before you make a final decision to invest in this natural countertop stone, make sure you know some essential facts about marble and its maintenance.

We will tell you about certain things that people usually don’t tell you about this gorgeous natural stone. Here is all you need to know about Carrara marble London before shelling out your hard-earned money:

1. It Is Quarried From The Mountains

Marble is a metamorphic stone available in the mountainous regions in North America, Asia, South America, and Europe. Marble is created naturally over millions/billions of years under high heat and pressure. During this recrystallization process, the limestone changes its physical and chemical form and becomes denser and harder. The result is a gorgeous looking natural stone found at the earth’s crust.

2. Marble Refers To The Shining Stone

Marble gets its name from Greek words “Marmaros” and “Marmalerein” meaning “shining stone” and “to shine” respectively. This is because of its shiny surface that looks even more glorious when polished.

3. No Two Marble Slabs Are Alike

Unlike Carrara quartz that only mimics marble; no two authentic Carrara marble slabs look alike. Since they are quarried naturally from the earth’s crust, these stones boast a unique veining, mineral deposits and pattern. This means you won’t find the same marble pattern of your kitchen countertop at your neighbor or friend’s house.

4. The Most Common Type Of Marble Is “Carrara”

Carrara marble worktop is the most common Italian marble with grey veining and white backdrop. Its veining is usually feathery and soft. Some other types of Italian marbles are Statuario and Calacatta marbles.

5. It’s Been Used To Create Some Famous Artworks In The History

The Lincoln Memorial, Michelangelo’s David and The Elgin Marbles are all constructed from the gorgeous stone called marble. This age-old material has been a popular art and sculpture choice due to its luxurious and pure texture. Many sculptors and artists have been backing the use of marble for ages due to its slightly translucent surface, which adds realism and depth to various works of art, such as human figurines or sculptures.

6. Impurities Make Marble Unique

Since marble is available in many different shades of whites, greys and other hues of black, pink, green, yellow and gold, it can be added to any home or commercial setting.

Ironically, these rich colors and veins occur due to the recrystallization process, which also helps in the formation of silt, sand, and clay. These imperfections are the real beauties of different marble pieces, making them unique from other worktop materials.

7. There Can Be A Trace Of Marble In Your Toothpaste

Do you know that Botot Natural European Toothpaste available on Amazon was created in 1755 for the King of France, Louis XV? It is considered the world’s very first toothpaste. Wondering why we are discussing it here? Well, its main ingredient is a relative of marble.

Yes, you read that right. Marble, as well as chalk, lime and oyster shells, are sources of calcium carbonate that’s has been used for a long time in powder form to make different types of toothpaste with a gentle abrasive effect.

8. Marble Goes A Long Way

You may rethink about installing marble due to its expensive price. But it’s worth the investment, as marble can last for years. We have seen many great monuments around the world that are made using marble and still stand strong, despite bearing harsh climatic conditions.

However, if you cannot afford to add marble slabs to your kitchen, you can install Compac Carrara marble scraps around your house as fireplace surrounds, ad-hoc shelves or bookends. This way you don’t have to spend a hefty amount on its installation and even a small piece of marble is likely to add the same luxe effect to your interior as a huge marble installation.

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