How can Homeowners Improve the Energy Efficiency of Their Property?
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How can Homeowners Improve the Energy Efficiency of Their Property?

How can Homeowners Improve the Energy Efficiency of Their Property?

Energy consumption of a house is a major concern for homeowners. It is important to keep the energy consumption of a property under control as it will keep the utility bills low and allow you to do your part in saving the environment. High energy consumption means high carbon footprint and it will damage the environment and put too much pressure on your finances. Investing in home improvements that lead to energy efficiency are a profitable investment. You can use domestic electrical safety certificate or an EPC to find solutions to increase energy efficiency.

Here are some effective and efficient ways to keep energy bills low and achieve energy efficiency.

1.) Invest in Advanced Framing and Architectural Features:

Improving the structure of the house can help with the energy efficiency of the property. People are focused too much on the aesthetics when they carry out home improvement projects. If you want to have an energy efficient home you need to choose the improvement projects carefully.

Advanced house framing technique is effective in improving the construction of the house as it will lower the energy use significantly. It is effective in cutting labor costs and bringing down the cooling and heating costs by about five percent.

Architectural features like cool roofs and right exterior doors will also have an impact on the energy consumption of the property. The skylights are an excellent feature to invest in as they aesthetic and effective in achieving energy efficiency as well. They will improve the ventilation, lighting and heating but make sure that it is installed wisely.

2.) Improve Window Treatments and Floors:

The windows can be a source leakage and have a negative impact on the energy efficiency of the house. By upgrading the window treatments you can bring down the energy costs. They will make sure that there is no heat or cool air loss through the windows. It will improve the functionality of the heating and cooling systems making sure that your house is comfortable and you do not have to pay a heavy price for the comfort. There are a number of factors like color and material of the treatments that can determine their energy efficiency.

The floors also play a huge role in improving the energy efficiency of the house. The carpets are effective in keeping the place warm as it carpets trap heat. Adding rugs is a smart and energy efficient decision. You can also invest in sustainable floor materials like bamboo and it will cut the energy cost significantly.

3.) Achieve Energy Efficiency with Controlled Ventilation:

You can keep the property cool during summer and save money by installing fans throughout the property. It will decrease the need of using air-conditioning without compromising the comfort. The energy efficient house designs require ventilation but it needs to be done in a controlled way. Controlled ventilation makes sure there are no indoor pollution and no danger of health risks.

There are different types of air conditioning systems that are each designed for a different space/reason. The water heaters, bathrooms, clothes dryers, and furnaces are effective in depressurizing an energy efficient house that is air tight. To make the best of the controlled ventilation you need to keep an eye on areas that have mechanical items.

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