What is Expanded PVC Sheet?

What is Expanded PVC Sheet?

PVC Sheet

There are various types of plastic. These varying forms of plastics make up for a wide range of stuff due to the varying commercial needs. They may differ in consistency, density, and texture for a final product.

One such type of industrial-grade plastic is the PVC. It is called by several names like expanded PVC sheet, polyvinyl chloride, and Komatex board. It is made from foam polyvinyl chloride.

It is a durable and light in weight plastic. Its density ranges from 3lbs/cubic feet to 25lbs/cubic feet. It is very resistant to moisture and non-corrosive to most environmental agents like oxygen and certain chemicals.

Due to its many useful properties, there are some applications that only this type of plastic can match. One such thing that PVC is used for is the custom acrylic box.

Here are some benefits of PVC custom acrylic.

1- Low inflammability

One of the biggest concerns of most plastics types is their highly combustible nature. PVC sheet is highly resistant to heat and does not melt under fire quickly.

2- Compatibility with food

Some plastics may not be right enough to store foodstuffs. The prolonged storage of food in a plastic container is bad. It can let the strong smell from the plastic into the food. However, PVC is a plastic that does not affect the edible content and a custom acrylic box made up of PVC can help you store food for a long time, without harming it.

3- Easy maneuverability

Apart from the utility bit, other things make a real difference in the practical application of the material. Things like the ability to fuse two sheets with heat, glue, and so on, increase the utility of the material manifold.

The PVC plastic is one such excellent material that is highly manageable; it can, therefore, be bonded, nailed, fastened, and bolted with complete ease without affecting the strength of the material.

4- Economical

From a commercial point of view, the economy of a commodity matters a lot. PVC plastic material is one of the choicest materials. Apart from the utility, the number of uses and economic viability of plastic makes it a great pick.

To conclude

The expanded PVC sheet is not combustible. It is compatible with food and highly economical for several industrial uses. Besides, it is corrosion-free and, therefore, not detrimental to edible stuff and so on.

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