How To Get More Referring Domains to Boost your SEO Ranking

How To Get More Referring Domains to Boost your SEO Ranking

For any website to do good, it is vital that they need to get a higher ranking in Google or other search engines.

To get a higher ranking, you, as a content marketer, must be aware of the principles of content marketing. And if you are one, you must be familiar with SEO that stands for Search Engine Optimization.

Besides all concepts of SEO like keyword search, headers, backlinks, page load time optimization, etc. there is yet another concept called – Referring Domains.

If you are not well aware of this concept or hearing it for the first time, here is a good chance for you and your team to learn everything about how to get more referring domains to boost your SEO ranking in search engines.

What Is A Referring Domain?

“Referring domains, aka ‘ref domains’ or ‘linking domains,’ are crucial for SEO if you want to bring more traffic onto your site and impact your website’s ranking,” said Thrive’s link building manager Claudia Cruz.”

Referring domains, which are also known as “linking domains,” are external websites that direct visitors to your site. These domains are full of backlinks that drive organic traffic and more number of views to your web pages.

Your website might have acquired several referring domains, and they may contain one or more backlinks that directly point to your target web pages. While for some other cases, your website may also be called a referring domain, that is, if it has links that direct visitors to other external websites.

Let’s take an example. Site P, which is an external website, is considered a referring domain if it comprises one or two backlinks referring to Site Q, that is your website.

Regardless if you receive multiple backlinks from Site P, it is still considered to be one referring domain for your website.

But then, ten different websites linking back to your page are considered to be ten different referring domains. Note that you can not control the number of backlinks per domain.

Some websites link back to your page only to add references to their content.

Some users may mistake backlinks and referring domains because they are similar SEO ranking factors. This is understandable since identifying external backlinks vs referring domains can be confusing at first. This should not confuse you.

How Are They Important in SEO

How Are They Important in SEO?

Referring domains are traffic sources that send signals to search engines and online users of your web pages’ quality and credibility. According to Cruz, Google looks at several factors in assessing the quality of backlinks. These include linking domain, source quality and relevance, the context of your placement and the page where the backlink is posted.

If you want to acquire more organic traffic, backlinks from top referring domains are crucial. A study by Ahrefs showed that approximately 90.88 per cent of pages without any referring areas do not get organic search traffic from Google. Without high-quality referring domains linking to your target web pages, you are losing out on potential traffic, engagement and sales.

“A good backlink strategy consists of building unique links,” Cruz added.

“A new backlink on a new domain is a great way to build your authority. This is because a second link on the same site will not pass page rank as your first link did.”

How To Get More Referring Domains?


The referring domains report will give you a complete list of every domain that links back to your queried website. Once you export the file, evaluate the quality and quantity of your referring domains to determine which has the most robust backlink profile — the more domains with a high-authority score, the better. Analyzing the results of your referring domains report helps you identify more opportunities for link building.

What are your top-performing pages

Identifying your top pages is one of the best ways to map out your next content marketing strategy and link building campaign. Your prime pages are the most popular pages on your website, which received the highest number of backlinks.

A high number of backlinks from top referring domains means your content is trusted among other websites and online users. Focusing your SEO strategy on high-quality content and creating more blog posts and web pages that cover relevant topics can boost your link building efforts.

Class A Content

Class A Content

One of the easiest ways for you and your team to get more referring domains for your website is to publish superior content. You have to gain their trust. Only then can you see an increase in the number of referring domains.

Publish more number of case studies if that is what it needs. Show them how properly you have done your research. Work on your niche and get your team to do the same. First, get some expertise on the field that you are working in and then you can expect your audience to trust in what you are writing.

Reduce your page loading time because no one wants to view a page that takes forever to open up. Add more infographics. This can grab some attention from the top class bloggers and writers.

Correct Audience

Understand your target audience and give them what they want. Do some thorough market research and get the correct keywords. This can narrow down your scope of work. It also increases the precision of your team.

Keep An Eye On Your CompetitionKeep An Eye On Your Competition

“Reviewing competitors allows you to weed out link intersect and create a matrix of potential referring domains to get a backlink from,” Cruz said.

Use tools like Ahrefs and analyze your competition domains. Tools like Ahrefs can help you understand the keywords they are using, your common keywords and the graphs showing the analysis.

Go through their profile and find out how they are getting the backlinks. Understanding your competition is an excellent way to beat them.

Content At One Place

Distribute your content to have more extensive exposure. Help spread them in high authority domains.

“After curating a list for potential linkability, reach out to webmasters with your linkable assets, such as articles or infographics, Guest blogging offers numerous benefits for businesses of all types and sizes. By sharing your expertise on other companies’ websites, you establish your brand as an authority figure. Additionally, it helps you deliver fresh content to their audience.” Cruz said.

Identification Of Relevant DomainsIdentification Of Relevant Domains

This practice of identifying the correct and relevant domains for your website, will not only allow you to determine potential backlink sources that can drive more traffic to your target web pages. The key is to note down the domains that are within your industry and then categorize them based on your area of expertise.

For example, this study by SEMrush showed the most eminent referring domains for U.S. law firms are university portals, news media, general directories and press release distribution services. This means if you have a law firm, these would be the top referring domains for your website that you want to put your links and content on.

Know The Right Tools

“For any off-page SEO enthusiast or link builder, we suggest using tools like Similar Web. This tool allows you to mine hundreds of opportunities similar to the identified right candidate for link placement. Plus, it’s a time saver!” Cruz said.

Using the proper and the right type of tools, you can find relevant websites that can help you promote your content. Also there are several types of agencies like wordpress website design company and more by which you can promote your business or content.

Link Building Strategy Optimization

Link Building Strategy Optimization

“It is important to keep in mind the ratio between the referring domain and backlinks,” Cruz said. We always want to keep the ratio as close to 1:1 as possible. If you acquire several backlinks from the same domain, the value of those additional backlinks after the first placement decreases significantly. A good rule of thumb has a unique backlink from a high-value, relevant, exclusive domain. Keep your backlink strategy always fresh!”

Do your research to develop the data-driven and the up-to-date link building strategies that can surely help in the growth of your brand. More importantly, follow search engine guidelines and best practices on how to acquire more and the best kind of referring domains.


We expect that you found our article on how to increase your referring domains for your website to get a high ranking, quite useful. The main crux lies in how much you are willing to work for your website.

Remember that a website is something that has the power to spread all about you and your venture to masses. Digital control is the most powerful these days. You might as well make your website the best for gathering the best kind of attention from the best type of audience.

So how do you plan to get referring domains for your website?

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