How Important Is To Rank A New Website On Google And Tips To Rank?
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How Important Is To Rank A New Website On Google And Tips To Rank?

How Important Is To Rank A New Website On Google And Tips To Rank?

In the new age we live in, a website is one of the most prominent business strategies that could bring the necessary brand visibility among your customers. It is no surprise that SEO still tops the table when speaking of marketing strategy and simply isn’t going anywhere.

A report says that 68% of B2B Buyers are studying the internet about various factors of a product or services such as service quality, service type, and cost before their first connection with the business. And Surprisingly, the number rises to 88% among B2C customers.

It is vital for a business owner to not only acknowledge the importance of building a website for a business, but to recognize the value of investing ways to increase its possibility of being found on various search engines such as Google, Bing, & Yahoo.

We are aware that ranking a brand new website on a search engine can be tiring and time-consuming. There are said to be more than 380 new websites developed every minute, and it is equally crucial for Google to provide its consumers with it’s best possible results(Error-free, informational, and Useful) for a particular search.

Though SEO is time-consuming and requires consistent man efforts, it is highly welcomed by Business for its huge business growth potential.

For a better understanding of the concept, Let’s compare Google to a librarian when you want the best book of a certain subject, you will reach straight to the Librarian, and he will suggest you a book based on your request and interest. Correct?

Similarly, if an online consumer wants to search for a product or service, he will reach out to Google for recommendations, and it will display the best matching results for the particular search.

Be it, the librarian, or Google, it is essential to read the book or website thoroughly before making a Suggestion.

Here, Google uses an advanced algorithm to scan all the websites based on several key criteria to determine the most beneficial and websites to rank at the top for the search terms.

If the consumer did not obtain a positive experience by Google, or the Librarian, the consumers might stop asking opinions.

Despite how Google works, considering the competition for the keywords, it would take between 4 months – 2 years for a new website to gain quality ranking on Google.

However, it could be sooner if the domain is an old one than a new one. Google calls it “Domain Authority(DA)” every domain has a domain authority score, the greater the score, the better potential it has to rank a website as our focus of this article is to help rank a new website, we assume you own a new domain.

Now, saying that you know how important it is to rank a business website on Google, let’s focus on ways to improve the ranking of a new website.

To begin, the most essential thing you can do is to provide the best user experience to your customers.

 User experience can be measured on many factors such as website loading speed, quality of information, value add to visitors, and appearance.

Businesses need to take the correct steps in a precise direction to secure a great user experience.

Much like our example of a librarian, if the book is boring, hard to understand, and lacks essence, the librarian won’t advise it to his readers. They will recommend them only if it is exciting and shares an enjoyable experience. 

Google is programmed with an algorithm to only pick websites that are enjoyable to read, useful, and meets the customer’s requirements and improve consumer experience.

Another major factor of a website to rank on Google is to allow a seamless user experience. Website loading speed is imperative and viewed as an influential factor of a website for better conversions and sales. (You can check your website loading speed here). 

As per Google, a website with a loading speed of less than or equal 5 seconds is good. Anything under  3 seconds is supposed great and speed below 2 seconds is extraordinary.

As a website owner, continually aim for website loading speed below 4 seconds, and it is dependent on the nature of business. If it is an e-commerce website, we suggest the website speed to be less than 2 seconds.

The ideal way to learn is by looking at the below metrics in Google Analytics.

1) Bounce rate:

The bounce rate is the percentage of people left from the website without proceeding to view the other pages.

On average, Bounce rate below 50% is good. It depends on the business type. A Blog website expected to have a higher bounce rate.

2) Average Session Duration:

It is the average time spent by a user on your website.

A user spending more than 2-3 minutes is considered good.

3) Behavioral Flow:

Customer Behavioral flow in analytics can be used to understand the website visitors behavior such as how many pages a visitor visited, on which page he dropped, and so on.

If your website is doing well on the metrics, then you know your website is meeting the customer expectations.

As your website is now equipped to provide a good user experience, it’s time to provide the same experience to as many customers as possible by increasing the website traffic to the website.

Just like our librarian example, the more the number of readers requests for a particular book, the chances of a librarian to recommend the book is big.

One quick thing to do to boost the traffic is to advertise on Google for the first 4-5 months to increase the user traffic to the website until the SEO kicks up.

As it is not mandatory for SEO to run Google Ads, but an effective way to boost your visibility and the SEO process. You could start with a 700 USD budget on Google Ads to increase your Leads as well.

Note:  It is not any traffic from Google ads that will give you leads and sales. It requires targeting keywords that are effective to your business and we recommend hiring a professional to ensure that the right visitors are visiting your site.

Unless It will like asking a reader who is interested in action to read romance. It won’t end well!

And, it is important to achieve a good domain authority score by creating effective backlinks, writing engaging content and Socializing.

Domain Authority by Google scores you between 0-100, where 0 the least and 100 the best. This is the score often compared by Google with your competitor and aids your ranking process.

Your Google ranking does not solely demand on Domain Authority, but is considered one of the important factors in boosting your score. You can check your competitors’ DA here.

Final thoughts

SEO is a long term strategy and requires consistent efforts to achieve the desired results. As there are a lot of competitions evolving on a daily basis, an effective SEO strategy is a must to achieve the objective.

If you are already signed for an SEO services company or doing it on your own, but not sure if you are progressing in the right direction, always look for Domain authority and User experience.

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