Job Vacancies in UAE

Job Vacancies in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is like a household name, behind which there is currently something tall, sparkling, technological and, of course, hot. Dubai is one of the safest cities on the planet for the reason that it has very strict laws and government policy is focused on ensuring that all residents are in order and happy.

Dubai has literally everything: a real open-air museum: at least Burj Khalifa, which is both a mosque, an observatory, and a nightclub. But there is even an indoor ski resort! And, most likely, there will be something else entertaining by your arrival: Dubai is developing incredibly fast. Abu Dhabi is the capital: clean, chic, with a Ferrari theme park, falconry, and authentic Arabian flavor.

With our help, you can easily find the right program for you. This can be a job in Dubai or an internship in the UAE, Bahrain or Qatar, work on a cruise ship, or on an airline. Job vacancies in UAE are presented in the service sector (customer service), hotel and restaurant business (hospitality) or retail (sales), as well as for different levels of professionals.

The salary depends on the position as well as the country. Employees of hotels and restaurants in starting positions like a waiter, hostess or bartender earn from $ 500-600 per month. At first glance, the amount may seem small, but you need to take into account several important points: you will have practically no expenses, this money will remain at your disposal in full! Plus tip, quarterly bonuses and other benefits: Work Visa free flight to the place of work, it is also possible to pay for the trip home on vacation accommodation, travel to the place of work and meals during working hours full medical insurance trainings and career opportunities Most importantly, you get a decent job in world-class networks. Experience in such companies, recommendations and certificates will help to find a job in any country in the world or find a promising job.

By taking part in one of these programs, you will be able to receive letters of recommendation of an international standard, improve your level of English and other foreign languages, make useful contacts in the tourism or restaurant and hotel business, in the field of sales and service. Such international experience is highly valued and makes it possible to find a promising job in any country in the world.

Why is it profitable to work here?

  • You will gain experience of working abroad.
  • You will make useful professional acquaintances with representatives of different countries.
  • Raise your professional level, get new skills.
  • You will be able to live in one of the modern, developed and safe countries in the world.
  • Spend your free time on the picturesque beaches of the Persian Gulf.
  • You can travel.
  • Get a stable and decent income.
  • You will be able to save and accumulate money.
  • You do not have to spend the money you earn on housing, food, utilities, medical services, or travel to work.
  • You will visit an amazing country with a special culture and traditions, exotic landscapes and a modern rhythm of life.

We recommend that you consider options for working in the Arab countries, because you are guaranteed to get a contract in a high-level hotel or restaurant chain. This can be felt already during employment: a serious application system, strict selection and interviews with HR managers. Only in this program, employers pay not only for a visa, but also for flights, accommodation, meals and medical insurance.

This trip will be the beginning of a long and wonderful career history!

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