Get Kohler Generator Parts Shipped to Your Doorstep

Get Kohler Generator Parts Shipped to Your Doorstep

Kohler generators are popular for their reliability and are the number one choice with homeowners who like an automatic whole house generator. The company started out making engines in the 1920s which were made for the countryside markets where grid power was not available. It introduced the Automatic Power and light 1500-watt “A” generator, a water-cooled model with cast iron gasoline engine. The liquid-cooled engines were introduced in 1939. They ranged from 5-hp to 20 hp and were used by the navy as well.

By the late 1940s, the company set up a factory to make engines for industrial use. The first industrial generator made by Kohler was the K90 followed by K160. In the 1950s it continued to add new models to its K series and within 10 years opened a new production plant. This new plant opened for business in the 1960s and in the same decade, Automatic Compression Release (ACR) for engines was introduced which made recoil start easier.

By 1966 the company made a million engines and started exporting the same. In the 1980s the company made huge advancements in the generator industry and made new products that were more reliable, quiet and durable. The engineering improved over time and so did the styling. The new sleek models look smarter and worked more efficiently. The higher horsepower offerings on its liquid-cooled engines allowed the generators to take larger loads.

In mid-2000 the company started working on joint ventures with Chinese companies. This helped with the development of general-purpose gasoline engines. As a result of the joint venture, the company introduced the XT-series engines for the lawnmowers. Besides power generation, the company now makes engines for the lawn and garden, welding and also recreational activities. Electric fuel injection was introduced for fuel savings. Today you can find generators in various sizes and power capacities on the market in all fuel types. These generators are designed to give you maximum power with excellent motor starting capabilities. Whether you are looking for a model for home or office or the factory Kohler has just the right fit for you.

Generators are a great standby source of power and keep supplying electricity to appliances and machinery when grid power fails. Generators are a necessity for all homes, offices, and factories located in storm-prone areas, and California counties affected by power outages due to wildfires. Without a standby generator at home, you cannot charge the cell phones and thus get disconnected from friends and family. Hospitals and clinics cannot take care of patients during power cuts. For the hospital, there are Kohler models that continue to supply electric power to the facility seamlessly. They help prevent life and death situations.

If there is a storm in the making, make sure you get the generator serviced ahead of time. Get the parts and accessories you need to ensure the unit will work well when you need it the most. Taking care of your Kohler generator means it can stay with you for longer. Change the engine oil regularly and also change the filter on time.

If you want to buy a model for your house, check your usage and match it to the output of the generator you wish to buy. Most generators will have a long life if you run it at a 50% load. Overloading a unit will put a lot of load on the engine and this can shorten the life of the unit.

These days the dual fuel models are popular as they allow you to get a continuous supply of fuel from the kitchen gas pipeline. The propane and LPG gas models work as quietly as an air conditioner and can be monitored from remote sites using WiFi connectivity. These days, users are using cell phones, tablets and computers to check the status of their generator from anywhere in the world.

The award-winning company has just the perfect model for your applications. All you have to do is find an authorized Kohler dealer online. Locating the genuine parts is also easy at their websites as each is displayed in an image with its model number. If you are living in a cold climate get the cold weather kit so there is no problem with starting the generator in the freezing temperatures. The kit will help keep the battery and the oil warm. The right covers and cables for your unit are also offered online. Shopping online for Kohler generator parts is hassle-free and you can get the genuine parts delivered to your doorstep free of cost.

If you do not know which Kohler generator parts are right for your unit, the sales representatives are there to help you with queries 24/7. They will give you the technical advice you need.  Many distributors that sell Kohler products online also have specials and it is good to check back often so you can enjoy savings on the models you like or the parts and accessories you need. It is a good idea to have a backup for oil and oil filter, so you do not have to wait for a day to change the same. All orders placed online are delivered within 24 hours.

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