The Imprtance Of Ganesh Statues For Your Home
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The Imprtance Of Ganesh Statues For Your Home

The Imprtance Of Ganesh Statues For Your Home

Ganesh is the god with an elephant’s head known for blessing his worshipers with happiness and joy. He is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Ganesh is proclaimed as ‘Vighnaharta’, meaning someone who takes away your problems and obstacles. In the Hindu religion, every new chore is initiated by the worship of Lord Ganesh. Keeping his statue in your home is believed to bring prosperity, success, and joy to your home. The mere presence of a Ganesh statue in your homewards off the negative energy and leads the way to happiness. There are numerous types of Ganesh statues that you might find in the market. Every statue has its own concomitant merits. The material of the statue plays a significant role in deciding the direction in which the statue must be facing. The directions based on the material of the statue are described according to the Vastu Shashtra.

Various Ganesh statues and their accompanying traits are:

Brass Ganesh Statue:

This statue is made up of brass and is known for ushering joy and prosperity. The direction that the statue must be facing is also defined. You can keep the brass statue facing East, South, or West. The statue should never be kept facing Northeast or Northwest directions as it is believed to bring negative energy into the house.

Silver Ganesh Statue:

This statue is made up of silver and is believed to bring fame. Although, as you may have already guessed this is not a very affordable option. Silver statues are usually very small in size, just to make sure they do not make a dent in your wallet. Silver Ganesh statue is advised to be kept facing West, Southeast, or Northwest directions. The directions that should be avoided are Southwest and South.

Copper Ganesh Statue:

This statue is crafted from copper and is advised for a couple who wants to start a family but is facing some difficulties. The copper statue should be placed facing in the East or South direction. However, you should always take care that you do not place the statue in the Southwest or Northwest part of the house.

Wooden Ganesh Statue:

This statue is made up of wood and brings you good health and supreme success. The wooden Ganesha statue is recommended to be placed facing in North, Northeast, or East directions. The direction that is not advised for this statue is southeast.

Clay Ganesh Statue:

As the name suggests, this statue is made up of clay. It is believed to resolve your problems and removes obstacles in your life. The clay statue is described to work best when it is kept facing the Southwest direction. The Ganesh statue made of clay should not be kept facing North or West directions as this is not considered good in the Vastu Shastra.

White Ganesh Statue:

White is symbolized as the color of peace and spirituality. The people who keep white-colored Ganesh statues in their homes experience happiness, peace, and prosperity. The statue with white color represents the pure intentions and spirituality of the lord.

Vermilion Ganesha Statue:

Vermilion Ganesh statue is used for achieving self-growth. Keeping this statue in your home eliminates any problems you are facing in your personal life.

Sitting Ganesh statue:

The best statue for the home is the one in which the lord is in a sitting position. It depicts a calm yet determined stance. This pose is the kind of energy that everyone longs for in their home.

Ganesh Statue with the trunk on the left side:

If you ever observe the Ganesh statues in the market, you will notice that some Ganesha statues have the trunk curved to the left side, while others have it on the right side. The statues with their trunk on the left side are advised for the home and for decoration purposes. The statues with the trunk on the right side are believed to be kept in temples as they require powerful worships regularly.

It is a common practice of placing a Ganesh statue carved out of marble at the entrance of the house. This type of statue looks great and fits perfectly with the decorative purposes it is used for. However, you should always make sure that the back of the marble Ganesh statue doesn’t face any room of the home as this leads to a decline in the success and prosperity of the family. You’ll always notice these marble statues at the home entrances in a pair with their backs facing each other so that the negative effect on the family can be avoided. The Ganesh statues have both decorative as well as spiritual beliefs connected to them. Whichever Ganesh statues you choose for your home, always gain knowledge on the effects and ill-effects of the statue to make sure you receive only the positive effects.

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