Keep Workflows Moving by Easily Adding E-Signatures using Adobe Sign

Keep Workflows Moving by Easily Adding E-Signatures using Adobe Sign

Make everything you need to get signed, make it a faster and better experience with e-signatures. Adobe Sign is the world’s largest e-sign solution. It’s as simple to apply as it is to use. With Adobe Sign, the user can create and send some documents so that they can be e-signed with a few quick clicks. The user can return by signing up to any device and at the same time track each step from start to finish. So, keep workflows moving by easily adding e-signatures with your business.

What is Adobe Sign?

It is a cloud-based service that allows an individual or company to send, track, secure and handle e-Signature processes. The service aims to replace physical paper and ink signatures with fully automated, electronic alternatives. Adobe Sign is an evolution of the previously popular Echo Sign platform. The e-Signature platform is a part of Adobe Document Cloud Suite, and it aims to facilitate transactions and business processes by allowing users to easily share online forms, digital documents, and requests and submit legal electronic and digital signatures.

Additional features of Adobe Sign include the facility to create workflows that need several signatures, the option to select between different electronic and digital signature types, and the ability to create branded documents. It can also use APIs to incorporate with external apps and platforms such as Dropbox, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Google Drive, and SalesForce.


  • Drag and Drop Workflow Templates
  • Security and Compliance
  • Automatic Form Field Detection
  • Aadhaar Signing
  • Form Field Fonts
  • Document Workflow Triggers
  • Branded Experiences
  • EU Qualified Time Stamps
  • Assign and Reassign User Licenses
  • Self-Serve Forms
  • Mobile Sending, Track, and managing of the Signing process
  • Color-Coded Recipient Fields
  • Written Signature Fully Replaces the Fax Workflow
  • Integrations
  • Configurable Time Stamps

How to use it?

Adobe Sign is the equivalent of sending an email. Enter the e-mail addresses of the signatories in the order in which you wish to sign them. Enter fields to collect e-signatures and other information. Then, just click ‘Send’. It’s as simple to sign as it is easy to send. Recipients just need to click on a link and then sign in to a browser on a computer or mobile device. No downloads or account signups are required to reduce things. Adobe Sign also eliminates speculation.

The user will be notified as soon as a document is viewed or signed. Adobe Sign also sends automatic alerts when they expire. It keeps things moving and efficient. Archiving is also automated. Each step is automatically recorded so that the user and receiver do not have to worry about losing data. All parties obtain a protected copy of the signed document. It is then stored online with the audit trail, or in the user’s preferred repository. This makes Adobe Sign up safe and secure for the user’s peace of mind.

Advantages of Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign provides a full set of features. It covers the basics of e-signature and beyond. You can send documents for signatures to a large group of signatories with its mega signature capability. Also, you can submit the form on your website to capture online signatures. Most physical signatures workflow is slow, lost, and erroneous. Adobe Sign can fix some of the shortcomings and offers the following benefits:

Adobe Sign offers a lot of flexibility to use the electronic signature processes according to the specific needs of your organization.

Adobe Sign can automatically identify form fields as you are preparing e-sign files. This allows you to diligently add form fields to your documents, and create digital documents and online forms instantly.

The software allows you to enter coding in your signature and create fields to improve the accuracy of the text. You can assign these colour codes to recipients selected to sign in those fields. This feature helps to avoid errors in collecting signatures, as you can easily identify selected collectors and signers.

You can use Adobe Sign to meet industry and legal requirements, such as the HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) law for medical organizations. It complies with government and industry rules around the world.

Adobe Sign integrates well with MS SharePoint Online, Dynamics CRM v6, Flow, Teams, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook, and other solutions. This integration allows you to modify your signature processes and document performance management. Additionally, you can share agreements from these apps and send them to your colleagues, merchants, and e-sign-partners.

Adobe brings a list of services compatible with Adobe Sign. The Adobe document cloud enables businesses to store documents directly with Adobe, simplifying your Adobe Sign usage by allowing you to quickly access and send e-signature documents. With e-signatures, you can automate and digitize key aspects of your business workflow, ranging from sales and sales management to hiring new employees and accelerating supply chain management. With Adobe Sign, workers can simply work with web and mobile applications and get e-signatures during everyday work tools, such as Microsoft Office 365, SalesForce, and Workday. Adobe Sign works seamlessly with all key platforms and usually lasts a few minutes.


In today’s world, using IT means providing your employees, users, and partners with a digitized experience that is fast, easy to use, and hassle-free. As the workplace grows younger and digital natives play a major role, organizations will have to change or risk falling behind. With the right solution, an electronic signature can be easy and inexpensive. Perhaps because they seem so logical in today’s digital world, some organizations see e-commerce as a viable way to reduce costs and support digital transformation initiatives to ignore signatures.

Even today, Adobe provides best-in-class software’s for its users and If you want to acquire legit Adobe products for your professional needs with proper licensing, it’s usually a fairly time-consuming process. We at Dolphin Computers have ourselves focused on providing users with a simple, effective and seamless service and will guide you on how to buy Adobe Software’s online in India.

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