Are Phone Pranks Already Dead?
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Are Phone Pranks Already Dead?

Are Phone Pranks Already Dead?

They aren’t, and they are waaaaaay cooler now!

As of writing, which is in the first quarter of the year 2021 – no one uses telephones anymore. Okay, maybe some homes and offices still have it. But if you are going to think about contacting anyone, you would probably think about making a call through your smartphone, sending an email, or an ever-convenient instant message. If this doesn’t surprise you yet, the internet is taking over our lives! You even have to connect somewhere to read this right now.

But if you want to use the telephone at your grandma’s house to do a prank call, no one’s stopping you! But do you think you can still pull that off at a time like this? The chances are pretty slim. Do you know what’s unfunny? Cliches! The good ‘ol way of prank calling through wired telephones had its moment, and people have long moved on from it already. We’re sorry to break this to you, but prank calls through wired telephones are already on the brink of its life support.

I still want to mess with my friends and family playfully. What should I do then?

One Redditor asked on r/showerthoughts, “Do people still make prank calls? Am I too old to be making prank calls?”. The top response was, “Prank calls have been replaced by online trolling. P.S. I have a 13 year old cousin.”

The good news is, you can still do prank calls with just a little tweaking in the old ways of doing it. Since everything happens online, pranksters learn to adapt using sneakier and more creative ways.

How does this work?

All you need to do is download a prank call app on your smartphones, and you’re practically good to go! Most of these apps/sites use Voice Over IP or VOIP. VOIP is the same thing used for Skype and other calling apps on the internet. With these, the number appearing on their phone devices will be unidentified, making it seem more legit! One of our favorite prank apps is Ownage Pranks. They typically provide an awesome selection of ingeniously written pre-made scripts that you can use to mess with your friends, family, or even ex-lover! You can choose from their range of characters performed by professional actors. This will surely leave your victims scratching their heads in confusion or be profusely sweating in nervousness.

If you still aren’t confused by the fun that pranks apps can give, we listed down 3 simple reasons why they’re loads of fun!

1. You can pick your victim and tailor-fit the prank to make it even more epic.

One of the criticisms about prank calls is that the “pranksters” are just people trying to disturb other people and waste their time. Some people call customer service hotlines, fast food chains, and the like to be a nuisance to people only doing their jobs. That’s just not cool at all. These prank call apps give you a choice to mess with someone you know personally. Someone close to you. This way, you wouldn’t be troubling strangers anymore. Instead, just refocus your pranks’ intention on people you know are ready to take it.

2. They’re more convenient and more believable.

As we said, these prank call apps use an unknown number that couldn’t make your chosen victim suspect you. We’ve seen the traditional ways of doing prank calls already in the movies. In the old ways, you still have to find a new caller ID (on mobile phones) and try to change your voice for them not to notice. The thing about something being humorous or memorable is the element of surprise. It has to be unexpected; otherwise, it’ll just be an old joke that never lands anymore. Prank apps will already take care of that for you. You won’t be reckless in executing pranks because professional pranksters had already planned out and performed for you down to the last detail. While they do the hard stuff, you will still be in control when it comes to choosing the jokes, finding characters to play, and more! Convenient, isn’t it?

3. You can always store your precious pranking moment forever.

They say what happens on the internet gets stored somewhere in the cloud forever. Whether you believe this or not,  see this as a terrifying or an alluring idea – there is still some truth to it. Well, when it comes to executing prank calls, you wouldn’t mind about the impermanence of your trick. When you get caught up too much in the hilarity of one aspect, you might miss a small part, perhaps from laughing too hard! This won’t be a problem anymore because these calls are recorded and for your eternal safekeeping. Cool, huh?

Things just evolve over time depending on the technologies that dominate our cultures. What’s important is we preserve the playfulness and the pursuit of humor and creativity in our daily lives, and these sophisticated prank call apps can help you with that! Want to try one yet? What’s stopping you? Try it now and see what we’re talking about!

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