Future of Micro-Mobility : Transport Revolution
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Future of Micro-Mobility : Transport Revolution

Future of Micro-Mobility : Transport Revolution

The pandemic has brought every industry on the verge of collapse. As the confirmed cases are increasing daily while on the other hand economies are drastically facing a downfall.

The pandemic has eradicated several companies whereas the other companies which could survive in this pandemic has slowed down the pace at which they used to work earlier.

The virus has destructively affected millions of humans at a global level, wiped out and bankrupted several businesses and created a deadlock for the global economy.

While on-demand delivery is helping people to survive in this pandemic though the financial crisis that has been faced by individuals are beyond the reach.

Work from home, cancelling the trips which were planned for this summer and even procrastinating the meetings and hangouts with friends and colleagues.

When every industry is crashed and economies are down still the micro mobility and E-scooters are making their ways through weaving and surviving throughout this pandemic and even majority of people in developed cities after lockdown are seen on E-bikes and scooters such as in New york and California.

Micromobility provides many advantages such as Solo trips which are cheap and affordable and where a traveller can maintain social distance.

E-bikes and E-scooters are the best solutions for all the individuals to maintain such norms in this pandemic and these scooters are ecological in nature which is a boon to mankind.

The solo riders on scooters and bikes need to ride according to the guidelines and rules which are being laid down by the company to prevent a rider from getting infected by the virus while riding.

Sanitising vehicles and hands before and after using the vehicles becomes a mandatory task for all the riders. This is the first and foremost guideline issued by all the companies of E-scooters.
In recent times, Bird continued to carry out its operations in Portland, Oregon which will solve major problems in the city of pollution, traffic jams and congestion providing full safety to the riders.

Even the company is providing free rides to the healthcare and medical workers and emergency helpers in Portland as well as in the cities where the company has its scooters.

In addition to all this, E-scooters are playing a pivotal role in delivering the basic commodities and products to the people at their doorstep.

Recently in Italy, E-scooters were used to deliver the basic medical supplies and food to the needy communities and people.

The cities now need to focus on ways to accommodate E-scooters and make separate parking spots for them by the side of the pavements which makes it easy for commuters to search for scooters, unlock it and ride.

E-Scooters naturally complement the public transportation system and so there is a need for a specific transport department of the state to develop parking spots and corals which can assimilate the scooters depending upon the frequency of rideship.

Public transport and rental services of such vehicles are a better option to commute not only to the commuters but also to the environment especially when such pandemic revolves around the respiratory problems.

New campaigns and approaches are to be implemented such as making a lane for buses and charging fines from individual car riders when there is a traffic jam or congestion.

Secured and better infrastructure will motivate people to use public transport and E-scooters and will ultimately eradicate the use of their personal vehicles.

The major developed cities have already started navigating their funds to create more space for bicycles, scooters and pedestrians.

Shared and rental services of this sector will be appealing and tempting for all the individuals as it is cheaper, affordable and ecological mode to commute.


We humans are always wondering about making and approaching something which is unique and innovative.

Micro-Mobility is the same industry where kickstart scooters got modified with Electric batteries in it and enlarging the existing size which can be comfortable for Adults.

These micro vehicles can impact the economy of the country at a macro level as it can be understood clearly by taking an example of China when public transportation was flooded with people, individuals started purchasing the electric scooters and bikes as their alternate means to commute.

Such an increase not only benefited the individuals but also took the micro mobility sector at its peak point.

In a report by the United Nations, 68% of the people are assumed to reside in the cities by the end of 2050. Likewise, the cities will be more crowded and micro-mobility will provide all the individuals a tussle-free and last mile companion.

Spreading awareness and carrying out campaigns regarding the alarming situations of environmental changes and need for recovering the planet will also contribute towards the success of the micro-mobility sector.

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