Ten Lesser-Known Gadgets That Are Actually Cool And Useful
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Ten Lesser-Known Gadgets That Are Actually Cool And Useful

Ten Lesser-Known Gadgets That Are Actually Cool And Useful

The rate at which tech is growing and changing is now more difficult than ever to keep up with. In the previous decades, we saw the rise of the tech-era, and it looks like things are starting to move into the realm of science fiction, where anything is achievable through technology.

The internet is full of joy and entertainment, from funny cat videos to hacking tutorials. However, it also contains random tools and trinkets you didn’t know existed otherwise. A huge thanks to both e-commerce and technology, people are buying different gadgets and that too in bulk. It seems every person has – or has friends – who have a Bluetooth speaker, ebook reader, smartphone, and home security system. The internet is like the 2021 equivalent of flipping a TechAdvisor magazine – pure, orgasmic, tech porn! Here are some cool but valuable gadgets that you never knew existed until today, of course!

Self-Cleaning Toilet Brush

Sure, everybody can clean their toilet, but who cleans their toilet brush? Yeah, we bet you have never thought about it before. You stick it inside the commode, clean it, and place it back in its stand, leaving it to fester. Suppose you are among the people who forget about cleaning their toilet brush. In that case, a self-cleaning one will eliminate all of your toilet brush-cleaning woes.

A product, such as the Lumi self-sanitizing toilet brush, uses UV light to kill germs, getting rid of them before they can grow and spread everywhere. You can pick one up online for only 32 dollars.

Digital EVP Voice Recorder

EVP or electric voice phenomenon are sounds that are unhearable by the human ear. It is because they are usually below the human ear’s hearing capabilities. An EVP recorder will come in handy to detect such sounds during a ghost hunt. It is lightweight and pocketable, allowing you to carry it inside your pocket without any difficulties walking.

You can pick one up from spiritshack today and go on a ghost-busting escapade. It will allow you to know whether ghosts are lurking inside your home or any place of doubt.

Floating Plant Carrier

Trick your friends and family members today into thinking you’re a magician with a floating plant pot. You read that right! It legit rotates 360 degrees and floats over its base, ensuring that your plant gets sunlight from all angles.

Usually, this nifty gadget will cost you 200 dollars. However, you can buy it on sale today for half the price. Get yours today and amuse everyone!

Smart Luggage Tag

We all have dealt with lost luggage at least once during our travels. You wouldn’t want your bags to get misplaced during your journey if they contain all your important documents, clothes, and other vital items to enjoy your getaway.

A smart luggage tag will allow you to track your bags if you ever lose them during your flight. It uses its PIN or an NFC device to send you alerts via email or texts along with the Geo-location of your bag’s last location. So, go ahead and buy one for yourself if you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with lost luggage.

Color Changing Floating Moon Lamp

This type of moon is potent and mysterious. You can harness all its divinity while keeping it on your desk as it floats and amazes everyone around it. As it rotates 360 degrees, it constantly changes its color while floating freely in the air.

Get the Luna Levitating moon online today for 129.99 dollars. It is a bargain compared to the “Ooos” and “Aaahs” it will bring to your workplace.

Smart Umbrella

The Kisha Smart Umbrella can be your personal weather-forecaster. It will provide you with daily updates to know if you should bring your umbrella with you when going outside. It will also give you location updates, so it’s hard to lose it. Plus, it is also corrosion and wind-proof. Always avoid the rain by buying the Kisha Smart Umbrella for a low price of 49 dollars.

Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

Just as the name suggests, this meatstick will not only measure your meat’s temperature. It will actively monitor it so you avoid overcooking it. And none of us like our meat overcooked, right? The thermometer has a built-in Bluetooth device that pairs up with your smartphone, making it impossible to overcook or undercook your proteins. Get one online for your kitchen today for 59.99 dollars.


If you still prefer taking down notes in your notebook, then a smartpen will be perfect for you. The Livescribe Smartpen feels and looks just like an ordinary ballpoint. However, it has the capability of recording everything you write, allowing you to store and access it through your computer.
There is also a built-in microphone inside it for recording audio and syncing it with written text. While it is pretty expensive at 150 dollars, it is perfect for reporters, journalists, students, or anyone who likes to doodle and take down notes regularly.

Smart Sleep Tracker

A lot of external factors might be affecting your sleep. Maybe you are sleeping on an old worn-out mattress that needs replacement. Maybe your bed’s frame is squeaking as your turn in your sleep, or your room’s air quality is poor. The Withings Sleep Tracker utilizes sensors to monitor your sleep, track your sleeping cycle, breathing disturbances, heart rate, and much more.

After you wake up, the sleep tracker automatically sends this information to your mobile device and gives you a daily sleep score. The better the sleep score you have, the better you slept last night. You can buy one online for 99 dollars.

Smart Mailbox

With everyone moving towards emails, utilizing technology inside a mailbox might seem overkill. However, the Danby Parcel Guard will guard your packages and keep them out of the hands of package thieves. It monitors your packages through a camera and Wi-Fi connection, which you can view live on your mobile device. It is also durable and water-resistant. It might be a little expensive at 349 dollars, but imagine the countless number of packages you will be able to save from theft.


Every year, more and more convenient devices, which make our lives a whole lot easier, come into the market. Some of the weirdest inventions can solve your daily-life woes without you even realizing it. It is time you buy some for yourself. Take our word for it – you will absolutely love them!

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