6 Best Places to Visit in Varanasi

6 Best Places to Visit in Varanasi

Varanasi is renowned as the “Holiest City in India” People visit this surreal city to attain Salvation. Also known by other names such as Banaras or Kashi, Varanasi is a sacred city blessed with a plethora of Ghats having their religious sentiments. Thus, this place holds great significance in the lives of Hindus. It is a dream destination to visit once in their lifetime. In this post, we have covered all the must-visit attractions when in Varanasi

The holy river Ganga:

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Ganga holds great importance in the Hindu religion. It is believed that it is a magical river that can wash away the sin of the people. Even if you have no such intentions of taking a dip into the river, do cut it off your traveling list. It is a lovely place to click photographs and witness the local life on the riverbank while walking. If you are someone that would not like to miss the sunset and sunrise, then do it while riding a boat. The river gives you a fantastic view, and you would be stunned by the vastness of it. And for sure, do not miss that night view of the river with flowers and lighted candles.

Visit Sarnath: 

Sarnath is a very famous place which is located about ten kilometers away from Varanasi. This place is famous among historians and the people who admire Buddhism. This is the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment at Bodh Gaya. The site has immense historical importance because of the Stupa at Sarnath. This stupa was constructed by Emperor Ashoka in 234 BC, who was a follower of Buddhism. Owing to the importance of the place; over the period, a lot of structures have been built, most of which is an attribute to Lord Buddha. The tallest statue of the Buddha is in Sarnath, which is an attraction to tourists from all around the world. 

The list goes on with Manikarnika Ghat: 

The most well-known among all the Ghats is the Manikarnika Ghat of Varanasi. The place has immense importance for the Hindus as they use it for cremation ceremonies. If you are strong-headed and bold to see the cremations that take place one by one, this can be a place that can give you a new experience. Do not strike it from your list if you want to witness the uniqueness of life and the true meaning of human existence. The peaceful atmosphere will give you a different level of understanding about life. Seeing so many dead bodies would weave a different story in your mind. 

Visit the Man Mandir Ghat: 

The Man Mandir Ghat falls among the oldest Ghats of Varanasi. If you wish to want to witness the architectural augustness of the Rajput, then you should visit this particular Ghat. Here a Rajput King of Jaipur, Man Singh, built a palace in 1600. Sawai Jai Singh constructed an observatory at the same place. Visitors who have a love for space would be able to see excellent and unique astronomical instruments at the place. 

Ramnagar Fort: 

The fort was the residence of the former King of Varanasi. King of Banaras initially built the fort in the year 1750 AD. It is referred to as astronomical wonder, which is made of red stones. The big clock in the Ramnagar fort is the focal point. The clock shows the astronomy of space objects along with day, month, week, and year. If you are interested in visiting a museum with a precious collection of royal things such as swords, costumes, and palanquins, then you will like Ramnagar Fort. The fort has both architectures as well as astronomy. 

The last in the list is Chunar Fort

One should not miss the Chunar Fort if they are traveling to Varanasi. The fort is situated on the bank of the river Ganges. The fort is forty kilometers away from the city, which is spread in the area of 34000 square feet and known for its antiqueness. It has a significant place in history as it became a post in the battle of Humayun and Sher Shah. Ujjain King Vikramaditya constructed the fort. The fort was made for his brother. Many people or rulers have ruled the fort, but the last to operate in it was the East India Company. You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the place and luxury. 

Some Final Words

Being in Varanasi is no less than in pilgrimage. One can easily commute to this place via bus, taxi, trains, and airplane. Now that you have learned about the great places in Varanasi, once you visit Varanasi, you must visit these places too. Set foot into this spiritual voyage by visiting Varanasi and get a religious rejoice.

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